Woodroot Tonic Side Effects- Get The Facts First!

Nature has always provided man with the best of medicines to heal from various diseases and build your immunity to live a long and prosperous life. The Woodroot tonic does exactly that.

The origins of this tonic can be traced back to the Maroons of Jamaica. The Maroons were healers who would concoct tonics by mixing and grinding various roots and herbs.

The Woodroot tonic is one of their best concoctions used to clean the body of toxins, diseases, infections, allergies and also to support the proper functioning of the human reproductive organs.

The tonic has helped keep their families healthy and energetic for ages. Not only does it help to heal from diseases but also strengthen the natural immune system of the body and provide tremendous vitality and energy to do your day to day activities.

The tonic is made exactly the same way as it was made by the ancient Maroons with natural ingredients from latin America, Caribbean and Africa. The tonic contains no artificial or chemical ingredients of any kind.

So if you are the kind of person that falls sick or gets a cold very frequently then the Woodroot tonic will suit you well.

It will build up your weak immune system and give the body improved energy to fight infections. Each of the ingredients of the tonic is known to help cure particular ailments.

The tonic is a mixture of all these wonderful ingredients in the correct proportion which will provide you with a variety of health benefits.

Sundial Wood Root Tonic
Sundial Wood Root Tonic
  • Made with Wild Organic Herbs.
  • Builds Energy Naturally.
  • Using Distilled and Purified Water.
  • For Men Women and Children.
  • Assists the Reproductive Organ Functionality.

Ingredients in Woodroot Tonic

  • Pure Spring Water
  • Chaney Root – Good for the kidneys and bladder
  • Black and Nerve Wys – Good for the central nervous system
  • Sarsaparilla – For purification of the blood
  • Cayenne – Healing Herb
  • Myrrh – Good for chest, nose and throat infections
  • Herbal bitters and ginger

Benefits of Woodroot Tonic

Circulation of Blood

Woodroot tonic is a natural blood purifier as it removes toxins and impurities from the blood. It helps in providing ample circulation of blood to all the parts of the body. This helps the body to get all the necessary nutrients while boosting immunity and strength.

It removes any blockages in the circulatory system and completely detoxifies the system. Oxygen is able to freely flow throughout the body.

Relief From Joint Pain and Inflammation

Sarsaparilla, which is one of the main ingredients in the Woodroot tonic is responsible for reducing inflammation in the body. It is a natural remedy for arthritis joint pain.

It helps in retaining the fluid between the joints which provides lubrication between the joints. It also provides immense relief from muscle pain and sprains.

Helps To Digest Food

Digestion is one of the most important functions of the body which takes a lot of energy. An efficient digestive system is generally a sign of good health. Cayenne helps in proper digestion of food and also keeps the stomach clean.

It is helpful in healing stomach ulcers and other stomach infections.

Efficient Liver Functioning

The Liver helps break down complex food ingredients and also detoxifies chemicals and drugs. The proper functioning of the liver is very important for optimum health.

Sarsaparilla helps in the efficient functioning of the liver and ensures that it is able to do all its complex functions at complete efficacy.

Good General Health

Overall the Woodroot tonic is best to keep your body free from various day to day allergies and infections that hinder your productivity. It does this by making your immune system strong and your body resilient to diseases.

Supports Reproductive Organs

Stress and anxiety are the cause of improper functioning of the reproductive organs of the human body. Woodroot tonic provides the body with the stamina and vitality that it needs to ensure efficient sexual functions.

It increases the reproductive fluids and improves chances of conceiving.


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Multiple health benefits
  • Immune system booster
  • Protects from diseases
  • Anti-Inflammatory


  • A bit spicy
  • Price has increased

Customer Reviews

Woodroot tonic has mostly received positive reviews from most of its users. Many users claim that it significantly improves their overall health and protects them from falling sick frequently.

People have also claimed to use this product for more than 20 years without any side effects or health issues.

Overall the Woodroot tonic is a great product with lots of benefits. Not a lot of people have awareness about this wonderful healing tonic from nature.

This review is aimed to spread awareness about the ancient wisdom of the Maroons of Jamaica and enjoys its health benefits. The tonic provides the body with warm energy that revives all the cells of the body.

Natural ingredients provide that mystic power to heal your body and get rid of diseases from the root.

Woodroot tonic is certainly something that should not be kept secret and the more awareness one spreads about it, more and more people can experience disease-free lives for years to come.

Sundial Wood Root Tonic
Sundial Wood Root Tonic
  • Made with Wild Organic Herbs.
  • Builds Energy Naturally.
  • Using Distilled and Purified Water.
  • For Men Women and Children.
  • Assists the Reproductive Organ Functionality.