Simply Fit Board Review


Simply Fit Board Review

I think you can agree that it is difficult to find a workout routine that you actually enjoy—not to mention one that actually works.

What might be more difficult is finding a workout routine that you enjoy enough to stick to consistently to help you reach your fitness, weight management, and physical goals.

It seems like everyone has this problem.

But we just might have the solution to rid you of your weight loss woes and get back on your feet (and quite literally).

Read on for a complete Simply Fit Board review and how it can help you.

Our Top Pick – Simply Fit Board Review

Although there are a number of balance boards available on the market today, here are some reasons why we chose the Simply Fit Board by Simply Fit as our top pick for a workout balance board and prime piece of exercise equipment.

  • Helps to strengthen abdominal, leg, core, gluteal, thighs and hip muscles (and more
  • Helps to improve balance, flexibility, and stamina
  • Lightweight, portable, and stores away easily
  • Durable and strong
  • Unit measures 25.5 x 18 x 3/4 inches
  • Weighs 3 lbs, supports up to 400 lbs
  • Great for all body types and sizes
  • Comes with workout DVD
  • Designed for both men and women (from children to seniors)
  • Fun, easy, and effective lower and/ or full body workout

About Balance Boards

Balance boards are pieces of exercise equipment that are designed to specifically help users with balance and strength training, which can also help trim belly fat.

Balance boards can help users get an effective workout to help improve balance, stability, build core muscle strength as well as provide a number of other health and fitness benefits.

Some examples of these types of exercise boards and equipment include the bosu ball, the wobble board, the rocker board or the twist board.

However, the Simply Fit Board truly stands out from the crowd.

About The Simply Fit Board

So, what exactly is the Simply Fit Board, and what does it do? How can it possibly be an essential workout board?

The Simply Fit Board is a plastic workout board and exercise tool that aids individuals in a variety of exercises. The Simply Fit Board is intended to strengthen core muscles and trim waist fat by using its unique balance board design to enhance workouts.

Simply Fit Balance boards come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and have made an appearance in gyms, fitness facilities, and even in rehabilitation facilities around the world for some time.

The Simply Fit Board is designed for both men and women, and for all shapes, sizes, and body types (from children to seniors).

In fact, Simply Fit has made an appearance on the popular ABC entrepreneur show Shark Tank in November 2015.

Simply Fit Board founders, Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman were thrilled when Shark Tank hosts agreed to invest $125,000 for a 20 percent stake in the Simply Fit Board company.

As a result, the Simply Fit Board has gained a great deal of traction and popularity since the airing of the show.

What is the Simply Fit Board?

The Simply Fit Board is designed with a special type of plastic material that allows users to rock back and forth in a rocker motion, side to side, and even twist and pivot while maintaining focus and balance.

Twisting and pivot actions will not bend or break the balance board. The board’s surface includes handles for hands and non-slip surfaces for feet, making it safe to use.

The Simply Fit Board is available in five different vibrant and radiant colors, such as bright, neon, atomic orange and bright magenta.

Simply Fit Boards cost between $39.99 and $45 when purchased online.

Does the Simply Fit Balance Board Really Work?

As we mentioned earlier, balance boards (also commonly known as “wobble boards”) have been available for some time.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are designed for different exercises and purposes.

For example, some workout boards are shaped like discs with rounded bottoms (similar to the “Saucer” snow sleds) and others are shaped like skateboards with knobs underneath them.

Simply Fit Board Benefits

Regardless of their shapes or designs, balance boards are designed to strengthen core muscles, which can help to improve balance, strength, and stamina for a complete workout experience.

But are they really necessary?

There are plenty of workouts and exercises that help improve strength and stamina in target areas, so why is a Simply Fit Board even worth it or valuable?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), using a balance board can help promote balance and muscle strength in adults, particularly the elderly who eventually lose muscle strength, balance, and are more susceptible to falls because of a lack of physical strength and flexibility.

However, this article shows that using a balance board can not only provide numerous fitness and wellness benefits, it can also help adults maintain balance and muscle strength through old age.

Furthermore, according to the ACSM, balance boards (specifically Simply Fit Boards) can aid in various forms of balance training, core and strength training, and even help users with weight management and weight loss.

Some of the benefits to using the Simply Fit Board include the following:

  • Rehabilitate injuries
  • Strengthen leg and ankle muscles
  • Condition and tone abs, legs, calves, gluteal and thigh muscles
  • Perform a lower body workout or full body workout
  • Improve stability, balance, and postural alignment
  • Help prevent future falls in the elderly
  • Reduce risks of sprains or fractures
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Promote heart health

Additionally, balance boards are also seen as a crucial rehabilitation tool to help strengthen muscles, stabilize the legs and ankles, which can help prevent falls and other injuries, particularly in older adults.

In fact, balance boards have proven to reduce the risk of recurring injuries and fall risks by up to 50 percent, especially if used on a regular basis and also during rehabilitation or physical therapy sessions, which is why balance boards are often used in physical therapy as well as long-term care facilities.

Additionally, Mayo Clinic has also claimed that balance boards can significantly improve balance and serve as a crucial tool and aid in various balance exercises, and even give users a fun aerobic dance workout.

Furthermore, according to Mayo Clinic, balance boards should be included in your daily routine and can improve your stability, balance, strength and tighten and tone core muscles.

In addition to providing a number of physical benefits to the body, balance boards have also shown to increase heart health.

In fact, according to an article published by the American Heart Association (AHA), balance exercises are among the top four types of exercises that help boost strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility to help improve heart health.

So what’s the key takeaway here for the average person who may be interested in using Simply Fit balance boards?

Various studies and articles have proven that balance boards are an excellent aid in various core and strength training exercises, and have also proven to help improve balance, posture, bodily structure and other injuries.

Furthermore, according to the Simply Fit Board website, the Simply Fit board claims to help get rid of “muffin top” and burn fat.

Although the Simply Fit Board alone will not help users burn fat, however, engaging in regular strength and core training workouts can help trim belly fat, including getting rid of the appearance of “muffin top”.

What Are the Best Simply Fit Board Exercises?

Now that we have made it clear that Simply Fit balance boards can be a crucial aid and tool used in various exercises, what specific exercises can be done with the Simply Fit board that help an individual see desirable results?

Core Strength Training Workouts – One of the best ways to improve balance is to start by strengthening the core by targeting the abdominal (“ab”) muscles. This can be done by doing regular sets of crunches or sit ups.

Another way to improve balance is to use a balance board, such as the Simply Fit Board. By placing the feet on both edges of the board, try to stand upright on the board and balance for as long as possible.

Using a balance board to build core strength can also help restore and build strength in the ankles, which is important for maintaining overall strength, stamina, and keeping the body strong and upright.

Side-to-Side Taps – This is a great core strengthening exercise for more advanced Simply Fit Board users. This exercise specifically helps individuals build more muscle control in the core area muscles.

To do this, stand on top of the board with bare feet. Slowly lean back and forth, left and right in a slow, twisting motion and keeping balance as much as possible so that the side of the Simply Fit Board touches the floor. Repeat this exercise for at least 60 seconds.

Glute Bridges/ Strength Training Workouts – In addition to strengthening the core, the Simply Fit Board can also help boost strength in the gluteal or butt muscles. These types of exercises might be best for more advanced Simply Fit Board users.

Users can use the Simply Fit Board to target gluteal muscles by lying flat on the back, digging the heels into the Simply Fit Board, and then lifting the butt and hips off the ground, making a straight, diagonal line with the body, and then resting the butt back down. Repeat at least ten times.

The Simply Fit Board Balance Squat – Squats are great exercises that specifically target the gluteal muscles, the hip muscles, and even the thighs, particularly the back of the thighs where cellulite is most apparent.

To do this exercise, begin by standing with feet hip-width apart on the Simply Fit Board and keeping legs as straight as possible. Once balanced, crouch like you are going to sit down, and obtain the squat position. When you’ve finished, slowly straighten your legs and return to the regular standing position.

Kneeling Rotations/ Balance Exercises – This fun exercise is best for intermediate Simply Fit Board users and will challenge a user’s core balance and strength.

To do this exercise, simply assume the kneeling position on the Simply Fit Board and place hands on the hips. Slowly move the Simply Fit Board in a circle while maintaining balance. Be sure to rotate in both directions. This exercise is great for building abdominal strength and improving balance and concentration.

Balance Exercises (with Eyes Closed) – This exercise is best for advanced Simply Fit Board users who are more experienced with using the Simply Fit Board, and who have a comfortable balance level. Users should also only attempt this exercise with a spotter nearby to aid in the process.

To do this balance exercise, assume a standing position with both feet on the Simply Fit Board. Carefully lift one foot off the board and focus on balancing on the other. When a level of balance is reached, close your eyes and carefully switch feet on the exercise board. Repeat this several times.

Yoga Exercises (Balance Exercises) – Yoga exercises are some of the best exercises that can be done to help improve balance, flexibility, and stability. Some of these exercises can even be done using the Simply Fit Board, including the “Downward Dog” as well as the “plank” poses as well as other twisting, pivot action, and stretching exercises. Doing these types of exercises with the Simply Fit Board can help improve balance.

Although Yoga exercises are best performed with a workout mat, users can purchase a workout mat in addition to the Simply Fit Balance Board.

In addition to using the Simply Fit Board, users can also purchase and use additional workout aids, such as a workout mat and 10-minute workout interval YouTube workout videos provided by Simply Fit Board.

These videos not only offer low impact workouts but also tutorials for Simply Fit Board beginner users. There are a number of workouts available for both adults, seniors and the elderly, and even children.

The Simply Fit Board Workout Mat

Simply Fit also offers a workout mat for those individuals who want to use the Simply Fit Board on any surface. The Simply Fit workout mat is designed to work on hardwood, tiled, and carpeted floors.

Can The Simply Fit Board Really Help Burn Fat?

As mentioned briefly above, the Simply Fit Board by itself won’t help users burn fat.

However, using the Simply Fit Board on a regular and consistent basis will help users maintain a regular exercise routine as well as maintain a healthy fat loss diet.

Regular exercise is proven to help trim belly fat, build lean muscles, tone and condition muscles and also boost stamina and strength.

Additionally, doing strength building workouts can also build muscle, which helps burn fat faster.

The Simply Fit Board is merely an exercise board used to help give users a more enjoyable and easy workout experience without the need for expensive, clunky gym equipment or a gym membership, while also giving users a workout that is in line with their fitness levels as well as physical limitations.

What Are People Saying About the Simply Fit Board?

We wanted to know if the Simply Fit Board really works, so we began researching various sources on the Internet to see what users were saying about the Simply Fit Board.

We received various articles, Amazon reviews, testimonials and even perused the Simply Fit Facebook page.

The Simply Fit Board received over 1700 reviews on Amazon, all averaging four to five stars. In fact, 56 percent of customers gave the Simply Fit Board five stars.

Users claim that the Simply Fit Board truly gives them a full body workout.

It has helped users lose weight, build strength, and even help restore balance and coordination after injuries, accidents, and illnesses.

Users also claim that they received their Simply Fit Board package days after shipping, giving Simply Fit credit for fast and on-time delivery as well as properly managing customers’ delivery expectations.

After reviewing customer feedback, we are confident that you will be happy with your purchase of the Simply Fit Board complete workout package.

Simply Fit Board Reviews: The Simply Fit Board vs. Other Balance Boards

So, how is the Simply Fit Board different from other balance boards? What makes the Simply Fit Board better?

As we explored above, performing regular strength-building and balance exercises have scientifically proven to improve muscle coordination and balance.

For the average individual, we think that there are several factors which matter most to users when selecting the right balance board, and those are weight limits, price, durability and ease of use.

The Simply Fit Board has a weight limit of 400 pounds; designed with a hard, durable plastic; easy to use and easy to store; and costs between $39.99 and $44.95.

Based on these comparisons, we think the Simply Fit Board is a good value because it can support more weight while also being lightweight enough to pull out and use and store away when it is not in use.

It is also designed with a hard, durable plastic and non-slip grips, which help keep it from bending and breaking, and also safe to use.

Simply Fit Board Reviews: Workout DVD

As mentioned briefly above, Simply Fit also offers several workout DVD options to purchase along with the Simply Fit Board and workout mat. These workout DVD options include the following:

Core and Buns Workout – This workout DVD is designed to target core muscles and gluteal muscles for a complete lower body workout.

Low Impact Workout – This workout DVD is targeted to individuals who are beginners to using the Simply Fit Board or to using balance boards or fitness in general. This workout is best for individuals involved in physical therapy and/ or rehabilitation programs or those who have physical limitations (such as the elderly).

The Complete 21-Day Challenge – This workout DVD is for individuals who want to trim belly fat, burn fat, and lose weight. This workout DVD also comes with recommended diets and eating habits that help users burn fat and lose weight while also build up strength, stamina, core ab muscles and flexibility.

Conclusion: Simply Fit Board Reviews

As we explored in great detail above, there are a number of different types of balance boards that all claim to provide the same health, wellness, and fitness benefits.

The Simply Fit Board is definitely an essential piece of workout equipment that can help men and women of all ages with stability, balance, weight loss and weight management and flexibility goals, whether they are trying to become physically fit or as part of a rehabilitation or physical therapy program.

Additionally, the Simply Fit Board designers have certainly designed a product that is not only durable, safe, and effective, but one that also appeals to both men and women with its wide range of colors and styles to fit various tastes, preferences, and personalities.

Although the Simply Fit Board is a great workout tool, it isn’t effective by itself.

Users need to perform the right exercises on a regular and consistent basis in order to keep up with fitness goals or physical therapy goals.

The Simply Fit videos can help users see the full benefits from using the Simply Fit Board.

This is why Simply Fit offers the Simply Fit Board for $39.99 and another $7.99 for the Simply Fit Board balance exercises (less shipping, of course).

The Simply Fit Board workout videos and workout mat can also be purchased separately.

Every purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if users aren’t completely satisfied with their purchases, they will receive a full 100 percent refund—including shipping!

All in all, in terms of cost, effectiveness, and a quality product, we believe that the Simply Fit Board is the best option when it comes to balance boards.

Although there are a number of balance boards available on the market, we believe that the Simply Fit Board is the best in its class, and has helped many users achieve their fitness and rehab goals.