5 Powerful Workouts To Tone Your Muscles w/o Equipment

When was the last time you wanted to tone your looks and actually decided to hit the gym? And if you did so, how long did you keep at it?

Yea, I know the feeling. I failed at it too; more than once. I wasted money, but most importantly, it hurt me on an emotional level. So I researched and researched, until I found excellent resources to work out from home, many without any equipment.

Though I used a pair of dumbbells in my adventure, I am going to share with you exercises below that you can perform with nothing but your body weight.

If you are the type of person who loves to watch it in action, scroll down below for a video walk through of the same.


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The Spider-man Burpee

This exercise focuses on your external obliques, your chest and also a bit of your shoulders.

Spiderman burpee

You basically do a spider-man pushup on each side, going in and down, keeping your shoulder blades together and then going back up.

Spiderman burpee 2

Once you do a good few rounds, you jump up.

Plank Tricep Extension

This one's for your core and triceps. You basically get on a plank position, making sure your hands are lined up with your head, as seen below.

Plank tricep extension

You then push yourself off the ground, slowly going back down ensuring both your core and triceps are hurt. Yea I said 'hurt'.

Plank tricep extension 2

Make sure your core is tight all the time during this workout.

Plank tricep extension 3

Plyo Pushups

Okay, now we are getting serious. Warm up's over people. This exercise focuses on building muscle fiber, the chest and triceps. If you are easily fatigued, you should focus on the modified version below.

So basically you go down, push it back up and pop off the ground for a fraction of a second before you are down again.

Plyo pushups Plyo pushups 2

As mentioned before, if fatigue is your concern, go on your knees and take off from there. What you should bear in mind is that your shoulder blades are together with your elbows back and hands lined up to your chest.

Modified Version

Plyo pushups 3 Plyo pushups 4 Plyo pushups 5

Rocking Plank

Alright, we are almost there. The rocking plank workout engages multiple areas such as your abs, your lower back, the obliques as well as your shoulders. This is probably the simplest exercise of all, yet a very effective one.

Get on a plank position with your shoulders lined up with your elbows and keep rocking forward and back on your tippy toes. Keep your core tight again.

Rocking planks Rocking planks

The Jump Squat Punisher

Ah, at the finish line, but not without the challenge. This workout's known to literally punish your legs, hence the name.

Jump squat for 20 seconds. Do a soft landing. Go at it slowly. The pain, post the workout can be excruciating. It was for me.

Jump squat punisher

Follow that with a 10 seconds low squat hold. Simply pause for 10 seconds.

Jump squat punisher 2

Go back up for 20 seconds again. Do this about 6 – 8 times and keep pushing for more. This exercise builds legs muscles and helps tone em up.

That's about it! 5 effective and zero equipment workout you can indulge in about 15 minutes a day. For those of you who are interested in a video walk-through of the same, hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.

Video Walk-through