8 Quality Weight Loss Foods You Can Eat To Shed Pounds

Weight loss is caused by expending more calories than one takes in. This can be done by going to the gym every other day, but some people just can’t due to lack of time, health conditions, or other factors of every day life.

You may have been told that losing weight without exercise is impossible, but that’s simply not true.

Exercise isn’t the end all be all of losing excess bulge. Diet is largely important too. It’s possible but can definitely be hindered if a person continues to eat more than what their body is expending.

Exercise helps expend so without it, you will need to find filling, nutritious food that doesn’t have tons of calories.


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Some of the best foods you can eat for losing that extra weight are “natural, unprocessed foods”, says Natalie Rose, author of the Raw Food Detox Diet. Rose is a certified nutritionist who gets inspiration from raw foods, stressing the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

With commitment and a consistent good diet, raw foods will help you lose weight and you won’t need a gym membership to do it.

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds without losing sweat over it, here are some of the best healthy foods.

1. Water

  • Controls calories consumption
  • Is great for skin
  • Nature’s best beverage

Water is extremely vital, especially for people who are overweight. Our bodies are made up of 75% of it and it is required to live. Make water your main beverage and drink lots of it. It is also the best medium to detoxify your internal system.

Studies show that 8 glasses a day are ideal but some people require different amounts. Drinking water with a meal helps people feel full faster and it’s good for your skin.

Avoid sugary or heavy-calorie beverages like soda or most alcohol. The average cola is packed with enough sugar to nearly equal sixteen cubes of sugar.

The sugar will make you gain weight. As for alcohol, harder liquors tend to have less calories than the average beer, but all alcohols are capable of slowing down the metabolism.

“Research has uncovered that alcohol especially decreases fat burn in the belly,” says Pamela M. Peek, a certified medical professional.

Try to get rid of any sodas or liquor in your diet and you’ll be surprised at how fast the pounds start melting away.

2. Green Tea

  • Burns fat
  • Increases metabolism
  • Old remedial tea

Green tea has been rumored to help burn fat for ages. But does tea really help you lose weight? Yes.

Research shows that green tea not only increases fat-burn, but it boosts the metabolic rate as well. According to a study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, green tea increases caloric output by 4%.

If tea is a bit dull-tasting for you, adding things in can spice the flavor up. You can put in a slice of lemon or some honey. Milk and mint are great options as well. Some of the best stuff you can put in you tea is ginger due to the various health benefits.

Still not a tea person? You can reap the benefits of tea without actually drinking it by putting tea extract powders in your normal drinks. A good one is the USDA-approved Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Extract from Matcha Organics.

This extract can be easily applied to drinks like lattes or smoothies, and will still burn fat and aid the process like regular old green tea! Another benefit the extract can provide is stress and anxiety-relief, as well as antioxidants to feel your healthiest.

Green tea has been used since the ancient times in China for it’s healing properties.

3. Banana

  • Filling
  • Full of energy
  • Good for digestive system

Bananas are a great weight loss food. They help fill you up and are sweet enough to soothe any sweet tooth that threaten your diet.

Bananas have compounds in them that help soothe constipation and diarrhea. If you eat them often enough you may very well clean out all that old gunk in your digestive track, losing pounds you didn’t know were there to lose.

According to the FDA, bananas are also filled with potassium which can help ease blood pressure.

4. Greens

  • Full of Vitamins
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Lowers heart disease risk

Greens are a staple food for losing weight. Spinach, kale, iceberg lettuce, you name it. Eat plenty of leafy vegetables and you’ll be seeing the numbers recede on the scale.

Not only are they extremely low calorie but they fill you up quick because they are nutrient dense foods. You won’t be too hungry after a huge bowl of greens.

To make them more enjoyable eating you can always add dressings, lean meat like chicken and fish, or croutons. Just watch out for the calorie intake on the condiments.

5. Salmon

  • Fatty-acids
  • Omega-3s
  • Lowers heart disease risk

Salmon is a super food fish. It’s full of bio-active protein molecules that support joints, insulin, and fights off inflammation of important organs. It also has large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to lowered heart disease.

Those fatty acids help preserve eyes, a good mood, and are also just great in general for adult nutrition.

Salmon has been rumored to have mercury traces so it would be best to consume Alaskan salmon, which is known for it’s lack of pesticides and poisons.

6. Oats

  • Good for digestive track
  • Carbohydrates
  • Can be eaten with many things

Oats are easily digestible and a carbohydrate, perfect for fixing a carb crave or getting full. You can make a bowl of oatmeal and add your own ingredients like blueberries, bananas, or other fruits.

They can be eaten cold or hot. Another thing you can do is add milk or honey in the mix.

Oats are full of beta-glucen, which helps the human immune system fight off illness. Oats also lower type 2 diabetes risk. They’re good for people with irritable bowel syndrome, not just losing weight.

7. Almonds

  • They are filling
  • Vitamin E
  • Can be eaten in various ways

Almonds are another great raw food. They’re a great source of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, and are associated with a number of health benefits.

The fiber alone is fantastic for digestive systems but the nut also comes with Vitamin E. Vitamin E keeps arteries from hardening and helps heart disease.

You don’t have to eat them alone either. You can create tasty, easy dishes like a warm apple-almond cobbler or almond butter sesame noodles, just a few of the recipes from Amber Shea Crawley’s book, “Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make”. The book is full of tasty almond recipes and other innovative raw food meals.

If you’d prefer to eat them alone, that’s an option too. Just watch out for the calories! As healthy as almonds are for you, they’re a caloric bomb.

Consuming too many may very well push the pounds back on. To avoid this, disperse them amongst another meal instead of snacking steadily on the nuts.

8. Grapefruit

  • Vitamin C
  • Hydrates
  • Good for skin

Grapefruit in the morning alongside tea for breakfast will zap your belly fat off. Grapefruit is a tasty acidic melon that is perfect for diet plans to lose weight.

Eating half a grapefruit a day will fill up your vitamin C needs. Vitamin C fights skin damage and strokes. According to the USDA, grapefruit is one of the most hydrating fruits in the world made up of 91% water. Grapefruit is a great snack to have on hand to prevent dehydration.

Grapefruit works as a breakfast food and a snack. It’s a little light for lunch or dinner, but with a salad or another food it can be done. The sugars in the fruit also work to fix a bad sweet tooth.