Prosvent Reviews

As men age, they fear one thing: a prostate problem.

Unfortunately, approximately 30 million men suffer with a common condition known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH, which is the enlargement of the prostate.

In fact, men over the age of 50 have a 50 percent chance of suffering from BPH.

If you have been experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, such as the frequent urge to use the bathroom or unable to perform sexually, then you may be suffering from an enlarged prostate or Benign Prostatic or BPH.

However, there are some things you can due to treat these symptoms as well as treat the condition that don’t necessarily involve medications or surgery.

Some possible treatment options include a healthy diet, taking a dietary or prostate supplement, such as prostate pills.

One of the most popular prostate pills prescribed by physicians is Prosvent.

Prosvent was formulated by a physician himself, which is designed with a blend of herbs, minerals, vitamins and natural ingredients that promote and support a healthy prostate.

But does Prosvent actually work? If you research the Internet like we did, you will likely find a number of conflicting reviews about Prosvent prostate supplement and whether it actually works or not.

So, let’s explore some of the benefits to taking Prosvent as well as some possible side effects based on some of the online reviews we have uncovered.

What is BPH?

Before we get into Prosvent reviews, we will provide a little background information on what BPH is, its causes, and symptoms.

As mentioned above, many men will experience prostate issues, such as BPH or even prostate cancer in their lifetime.

But why does this happen?

The prostate is a small, muscular gland in the male reproductive system. The prostate surrounds the urethra and produces the fluid in semen.

The muscular action of the prostate helps stimulate the production of fluid and the flow of semen through the penis during sexual action.

As the prostate ages, the cells within the prostate begin to multiply, which causes the prostate to enlarge and swell.

The inflamed prostate can then constrict the urethra, which then creates the urgency to urinate frequently and even interrupt smooth urination flow.

It can also cause the feeling of being unable to fully empty the bladder. This condition is known as BPH.

Despite popular belief, BPH does not cause prostate cancer and it isn’t the same as prostate cancer. However, it can affect a man’s quality of life.

In fact, one of the biggest complaints by men who experience this condition claim that they cannot get a full night’s sleep without feeling like they must urinate frequently.

What Causes BPH?

Again, as mentioned above, men over the age of 50 have a 50 percent chance of suffering from BPH or other prostate issues.

And men over the age of 80 have an even greater chance of experiencing BPH symptoms.

Changes in male sex hormones and aging are the most common causes of BPH. Additionally, an extensive family history of prostate problems or abnormalities with the testicles may increase BPH risks.

What Are the Symptoms of BPH?

Some symptoms of BPH may be relatively mild in the beginning, but they can worsen over time, especially if left untreated.

The most common symptoms of BPH include the following:

  • The inability to completely empty the bladder
  • The need to urinate two or more times per night
  • Uneven or weak urinary stream
  • Incontinence
  • Strain during urination
  • Painful urination
  • The presence of blood in the urine
  • The frequent urge to urinate

Is There a Treatment for BPH?

The good news is BPH and BPH symptoms can be treated.

The first step to treating BPH symptoms is self-care. Self-care options include a proper diet and taking prostate pills.

However, if symptoms persist or worsen despite self-care, then it may be time to speak with a medical professional about long-term treatments or options, such as medication or surgery.

Prosvent Overview: Prosvent Prostate Pills

As mentioned above, one common dietary supplement that helps relieve and treat BPH symptoms is Prosvent.

Prosvent's exclusive formula helps relieve all these common symptoms associated with an aging prostate.

Prosvent is a comprehensive, proprietary, safe and natural formula that is comprised of natural ingredients that are extracted from essential herbs and vitamins that have proven to help support a healthy prostate.

Medical research and scientific studies have studied the health benefits and effects of various nutritional supplements for years, and many have concluded that certain dietary supplements have proven to help support urinary function and ensure a healthy prostate.

Individuals who have taken Prosvent have claimed to see a noticeable improvement in their BPH symptoms. Due to its effectiveness, more and more men use Prosvent today.

What Are the Prosvent Ingredients?

So, what are the Prosvent ingredients that make it so wonderful to use? Prosvent is made with four complementary herbal extracts, including Beta Sitosterol, pumpkin seed oil, Saw Palmetto extract and Zinc, just to name a few. Prosvent prostate pills are also easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules to ensure maximum absorption in the body.

Here is a complete list and summary of the main active ingredients in Prosvent prostate pills:

Beta Sitosterol– Beta Sitosterol is a phytosterol, which is a natural chemical compound found in plants.

Beta Sitosterol is famous for its health benefits, such as treating high cholesterol and even promoting prostate health.

In fact, the positive impact of Beta Sitosterol on an aging prostate and for men experiencing BPH symptoms has been tested in various clinical studies.

Nettle Root Extract Nettle Root Extract, also known as “Stinging Nettle Root” is known for its super powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Its health benefits include promoting hair and skin health, treating and relieving allergies, supporting bone health and even treating urinary issues and supporting urinary function.

Pygeum Africanum – This is a powerful herbal extract that helps to promote and maintain a healthy prostate, and may help to reduce inflammation associated with an enlarged prostate.

In fact, clinical studies have shown that Pygeum Africanum can reduce and relieve symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate and BPH, such as frequent urination, issues with urinary stream and flow, and nighttime urination.

Pumpkin Seed Oil – Pumpkin Seed Oil is a wonderful natural ingredient known for its health benefits, particularly in improving metabolic and physiological health.

This is one reason why it makes an appearance in a variety of health supplements, including prostate pills or prostate health supplements.

Pumpkin seeds are packed with unsaturated fatty acids and a high level of antioxidants, which is the primary reason why they have been used to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions.

Pumpkin seeds have been known to help treat diabetes, anxiety, cancer and even prostate diseases.

In fact, the World Health Organization recommends consuming pumpkin seeds on a regular basis in order to obtain the recommended daily serving of Zinc, which is another essential ingredient to treating the prostate (more on this below).

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto extract itself provides a long list of health benefits, but when combined with Pygeum Africanum, Saw Palmetto extract helps support prostate health and even helps to reduce common BPH symptoms, such as frequent overnight urination and dramatically improves urine flow.

Lycopene - Lycopene is an essential phytonutrient, which is an antioxidant that provides a long list of health benefits.

It is a nutrient that is commonly found in tomatoes, which is what gives the fruit its red color, but it can also be found in a number of other fruits and vegetables.

In fact, Lycopene is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. It is known to help prevent cancer, keep eyes healthy, improve heart health and bone health and maintain cognitive functions and even promote heart health.

Because of its highly powerful antioxidant properties, Lycopene is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, which can help reduce swelling in the prostate.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that provides us with sufficient calcium and phosphorous to help support bone health.

Additionally, scientists and medical researchers have discovered that Vitamin D can also reduce the growth and development of abnormal cells, which can prevent tumors from growing.

Research also suggests that tumors in the prostate can become aggressive in men who have low Vitamin D levels. In fact, a report published in the journal of Clinical Cancer Researchshowed that the lower the vitamin D level, the more aggressive the prostate cancer.

Zinc – As mentioned briefly above, Zinc is another important mineral that helps support prostate and urinary health. Researchers have proven that zinc plays an active role in maintaining prostate health.

In fact, prostate cells accumulate more zinc than any other cells in the human body.

Several studies have demonstrated specific cases when zinc has helped suppress the growth and development of tumors, altering the biology of prostate cells to prevent them from transforming into malignant tumors, reducing the overall risks for prostate cancer.

How Does Prosvent Work?

Now that we know a little more about BPH, the causes, and the necessary prostate health vitamins and minerals, it is clear that Prosvent is a prostate health supplement that is designed with the best possible natural ingredients, all of which have been proven and tested to support prostate and urinary health, and even reduce cancer.

But does Prosvent actually work?

The purpose of Prosvent is to help reduce the size of the prostate and its swelling, bringing it back to its original size.

Prosvent prostate health supplement also aids in the prevention of prostate and urinary tract infections, cancer, and reduces common BPH symptoms, such as frequent urination.

Prosvent has shown to help improve and support prostate health with its natural ingredients.

Individuals who have taken Prosvent on a consistent and regular basis have claimed that it has helped reduce urinary urgency and improved urination overall after approximately 30 days.

Furthermore, because Prosvent is designed with all natural and organic ingredients, there are few side effects when compared with other prescription medications.

Prosvent manufacturers recommend taking at least one tablet twice daily for at least 30 days to see desired results.

Prosvent manufacturers also recommend taking Prosvent with a meal in order to prevent an upset stomach, gas and bloating, and other gastric side effects.

Advantages of Prosvent

Prosvent has helped many men reducing common BPH symptoms and even improving their quality of life.

Some of the advantages to using Prosvent on a regular basis include the following:

  • A visible improvement in urinary tract functions
  • Reduced urgency and frequency to urinate
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Improved quality of sleep due to reducing the need to urinate during the night
  • Decreased need for surgery or other medications
  • Reduced risks of urinary tract infections

Disadvantages of Prosvent

On the other hand, some men have complained about using Prosvent. Although the majority of men were satisfied with using Prosvent, others believe that there are better treatment options available.

There are a number of negative reviews floating around the Internet regarding the overall effectiveness of Prosvent.

Some even call Prosvent a scam. But is it really?

Some argue that the alleged Prosvent scam consists of negative reviews that were actually posted only by pharmaceutical companies because they are losing money from the lack of filled prescriptions and products.

One of the biggest disadvantages to using Prosvent prostate health supplement is the price. Prosvent can be found online in the United States for approximately $40 to $70 per bottle, which is approximately a 30-day supply.

Users can also purchase Prosvent via the official manufacturer website.

Although this product is more cost effective than undergoing a procedure, some men believe that there are more cost effective alternative products available.

Does Prosvent Treat Prostate Cancer?

Many often misunderstand that Prosvent helps treat prostate cancer. However, Prosvent is a product that is only designed to help promote prostate and urinary health; it is NOT designed to treat prostate cancer.

After all, BPH and prostate cancer are two separate prostate issues, which require two very different treatments.

However, because Prosvent contains essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and other natural ingredients, such as Vitamin D and Zinc, it is possible that Prosvent may be able to help prevent cancer, but the Prosvent formula itself is not tested nor does it claim to help treat or prevent cancer.

Additionally, individual results can and will vary.

Are There Any Prosvent Side Effects?

As mentioned above, because Prosvent is designed with a natural blend of vitamins, minerals, and ingredients, there aren’t any harmful or dangerous side effects reported from the use of Prosvent.

It’s worth mentioning that Saw palmetto, nettle root, and zinc have the potential to cause some gastric issues, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation.

However, these side effects are often only temporary and may be reduced simply by taking Prosvent with a meal. Avoid taking Prosvent on an empty stomach in order to prevent an upset stomach.

Drug Interactions

Individuals who are taking Prosvent should speak with a medical professional about combining Prosvent with another medication, particularly blood thinning medications, such as like warfarin, aspirin, diclofenac, ibuprofen, heparin and enoxaparin.

Although rare, Saw Palmetto can potentially cause inflammation in the pancreas or even liver dysfunction.

All in all, if you have an existing allergy to any of the ingredients in Prosvent or if you are prone to allergic reactions, or if you have a pre-existing medical condition, then it is best to speak with a medical professional prior to trying Prosvent.

Additionally, if you have been diagnosed with BPH and if your symptoms worsen over time, then you may need to speak with a medical professional or physician regarding a stronger medication or even surgery.

Conclusion: Prosvent Prostate Pills Review

In summary, Prosvent is a relatively safe dietary supplement that has proven to be successful in helping to reduce urinary problems and prostate issues associated with BPH.

Although, Prosvent might be expensive for some, costing upwards of $40 to $70 per bottle, it is a cost effective option when compared with other alternatives, such as medication or painful surgery.

If you are considering giving Prosvent a try, you can take advantage of a Prosvent free trial by signing up via the official Prosvent manufacturer website.

Prosvent also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with Prosvent after 30 days, then you can call customer service and request a full refund.

Men who suffer from prostate issues or BPH no longer have to suffer in silence or be embarrassed by their ailments.

Prosvent has proven to help many men reduce urinary frequency, improve urination, and improve sexual performance, ultimately improving a man's health and the overall quality of life.