Must-Know Secrets For Beautiful and Healthy Breasts

Healthy and Sexy Breasts

By learning must-know secrets for beautiful and healthy breasts, every woman can protect themselves from common diseases, especially, breast cancer (one of the most common cancers found in women).

Although breast cancer is not easy to be recognized, diagnosed, and controlled, women can prevent themselves from this dangerous cancer.

By applying and practicing the following must-know secrets daily, you can possess beautiful, sexy, attractive, and healthy breasts.

Wearing right, and suitable bra size

Your bra size should not be too large or small. It is not good for your breast health, especially, bloodstream of your breasts, if your bra size is too tight or too loose.

Wearing bras that are too small can impact negatively on blood circulation in breast tissues.

In addition, it will make you feel uncomfortable; and your breasts will be held back.

Wearing bras that are too big or large gives no support.

Wearing wrong bra size is not recommended because it can impact on your health breast and cause breast cancer.

It is recommended that wearing right bra size does not only help support and lift your breasts effectively, but it also gives no interruption on the activity of lymph nodes in chest.

Breast Massage

According to traditional medical concept, massaging your breasts daily can help improve breast health, stimulate the development of breast tissues, enhance blood flow of breast areas, and prevent your breast from cancer.

Check your breasts regularly

Let’s start to get familiar with your chest and breasts (including the shape, size, appearance, feelings…) by looking at and touching them.

By doing so, you can recognize any abnormal changes in your chest and breasts (e.g: pains, swells,…)

It can protect yourself from any dangerous cancers or diseases in your chest and breasts if you check your breasts and chest periodically (probably monthly) at the same time and with the same way; and you should not skip anything unusual happening to your breasts.

Regular mammogram given by doctor

You should go to see doctors for regular mammograms if you want to have healthy breasts and avoid breast cancer (make sure it is suitable to your ages).

This can help you recognize any abnormal tumors in your breasts early to get right treatments before it is too late.

Stay away from Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens, a type of xenohormone that imitates the functions of estrogen, can be either synthetic or natural chemical compounds.

Try to eat Organic Foods to avoid pesticides, Xenoestrogens, and other chemicals… Xenoestrogens are related to different problems, from cancer to infertility.


According to the research, breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer or lower breast cancer risk. In other words, a woman who breastfeeds for longer than 1 year can reduce her chances of developing breast cancer.

Therefore, if possible, it is recommended that extending or prolonging breastfeeding (at least 1 year or longer) is good for your health and baby.

Stress Reduction

Stress is the main reason or culprit that causes changes of hormones in body. Once there are changes of hormones in your body, you can encounter lots of troubles (one of them is breast cancer).

Healthy lifestyle

You should maintain healthy and nutritious diet (including whole grains, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits) and refrain yourself from eating sugary, salty, and saturated foods.

With good and suitable diet, you can improve your breast health and have healthy life.

Besides, you should do exercises daily if you want to strengthen and boost your immune system to higher level to fight against diseases and keep body weight within suitable level.

Drinking suitable amount of wine is also considered as the good way to improve your health. In addition, quitting smoking is the best way to improve health completely.

Learning how to get bigger boobs naturally at home is necessary if you want to have healthy, and sexy breasts.

It is recommended that you should follow advice mentioned and suggested above.

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