Can Maca Root Make Your Butt Bigger?

Maca Root For a Bigger Booty and HipsMaca for a bigger butt and wider hips, sounds too good to be true?,  it does works, but there is a catch.

Women all over the world are starting to discover the effects of taking Maca root for curves.

But, first let me let in on a little secret,

Maca is not created equal!

That’s right, you can’t use just any form of Mecca, you will need to find a quality brand that’s known to work for this specific purpose.

You will also need to know what’s the optimum dose and how long it will take to see results.

Well, that’s why your here, so lets get started –

All Maca is not Created Equal

When it comes to quality there is a difference. This is some thing that I found out the hard way and so did a few others. Right now there is really only one Maca powder I trust.

It’s the only one that has worked for me and the few people I have recommended it to. If your looking for a real Maca, try this one first…

I originally tired this brand out after giving up on Maca. I had tried a few other brands in the past, that’s including “NOW”, “Nature’s way”  and some other GNC product.

I tried following instructions, even doubling the dose + frequency with no results. It wasn’t until I was over a friends house and discovered this brand.

She had been trying to get pregnant for some time and found this form of Maca Root Powder through some online forms. Turns out it, it may have helped her.

So I decided to give this one a try. Since increased fertility is one of Maca’s primary benefits and it worked so well for here, I thought it may be a more potent powder.

I noticed a difference in taste right away and after a couple of weeks I definitely started to feel better. I still use the “Raw Food World”  brand Maca and I swear its made a difference in my body shape.

Check them out here , as well as the its great reviews. I think its almost 300 reviews with about a 4.5 rating!

… Once you try this brand of Maca, your sure to see result. I really think its because its fresher than other powders and pills.

What is Maca?

This incredible root has been used for thousands of years by the natives of central Peru. They use it for a multitude of reasons from providing a boost of energy to increased fertility.

The people of the Andes cherish and take pride in this wonderful root. Dried Peruvian Maca is packed with a unique balance of amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Above all this root is also a powerful “adaptogen”. Adaptogens are compounds, in this case herbs that have proven beneficial for decreasing cellular stress, manage hormones and promote adrenal health.

This means a boost in natural estrogen levels for women. When combined with a better diet and exercise, you should expect wider hips, a bigger butt and a little more growth up top also.

Basically, this is a boost in femininity, in appearance and attitude.

Just one warning, Maca will effect your body weight and composition. So if you’re very skinny, Maca will make you gain weight.

On the other hand, if you’re overweight you will lose a little fat.

Good news for us trying to gain a few pounds, also those that want to lose weight. To make it easier to understand, Maca root will make your butt and hips fatter, while reducing tummy fat.

Get Bigger hips, Fatter Thighs and Great Looking Bum with Maca

You can get wider hips naturally with Maca. Instead of resorting to any drastic means, Maca root powder will help you get a bigger butt. By allowing your body to balance hormone levels.

It doesn’t directly develop your figure, it give your body the natural support needed to increase estrogen levels.

Normalizing your system as long as your diet provides all the nutrient needed and along with exercise,  you will see results.

If your looking to fatten your butt, widen your hips and get thicker thighs, follow my Fatter Plan (Coming Soon).

Don’t just go ahead with your usual diet and workout plan. If your goal is to get a fatter butt, you will need to work out differently.

How to Get a Firmer buttocks with Maca

One of Peruvian Maca roots benefits is its ability to aid in muscle fiber repair. This means you will be able to grow bigger glutes.

By This will allow you to get a firmer and rounder glutes. Essentially a natural way to get a butt lift, without surgery.

Developing tight and bigger glutes will require a totally different approach. One with an intense workout plan and a diet a little higher in protein and fiber.

I have put this plan together, natural butt lift plan (Coming Soon). Its guaranteed to give your that firm Bubble butt.

Dosing Maca Root

Assuming your using a high grade, organic and pure source of Maca, dosing for curves is fairly easy. You can use powder, capsules or an extract as long as its measured out.

Here are some pointers:

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  • Don’t worry, you can’t overdose
  • higher doses may be a waste
  • Speed up results, double dose, spread out the day
  • Results as soon as 4 weeks
  • Effort equals outcome
  • Works best on empty stomach
  • Daily recommended dose for powders or capsules is 3 to 6 grams or about two teaspoons.
  • Daily recommended dose for pure liquid extracts, about ½ teaspoon, or 4 droppers.


If your looking to increase effectiveness you can increase dosage by splitting it into two. One morning and one late evening.

So, for example:

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  • You can take Powdered Maca root mixed with water or juice first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.
  • If you workout early morning, you can use it as a pre workout. Try not to eat for at least 15 to 30 minutes after.
  • Second dose would be around 2 pm, this has to be 2hrs before of after lunch. Hormone levels have been found to be lower mid day.


So does it work?

Yes, without a doubt, Maca will make your butt bigger. By regulating hormones Maca will enhance your curves. It can be used to gain weight, lose belly fat, widen hips and help you develop a bubble-butt.

It can aid you in any goals, it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve, where you currently stand and how much effort you’re willing to put in.