How to Do Squats For a Smaller Butt

Squats For Butt Enhancement

So you want to tone or shape your buttocks with squats. The routine will be about the same for a smaller butt as it is for toning, the real difference is diet.

So we will go over a basic squat routine you can do 3 days a week every other day. Along with this diet you will also slim down your waist.

For a Smaller Butt, Higher Reps with less Weight

Instead of trying to grow more muscle and store more butt fat, this routine will focus on the opposite. Burning booty fat and defining glute muscles at the same time.

We always start with a bodyweight warm up of 5 – 15 reps before moving on.

Try to go for either 5×8 or 3×12, not including a warm up set or warm up sets. Choose a peak weight goal you know you can do.

Once comfortable with routine, you can add more weight. For this example lets make our peak goal of 65lb on the bar.

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  • 1 or 2 sets bodyweight warm up
  • 1 set bar only (45lb)
  • 1 set with added 2×2.5lb plates (50lb)
  • 1 set additional 2×2.5lb plates (55lb)
  • 1 set additional 2×2.5lb plates (60lb)
  • 1 set additional 2×2.5lb plates (65lb) Goal Weight
  • 2 sets cool down 1 with bar, 1 body weight


The weight is just an example, for most girls this may be a lot. You can go from body weight to bar to 2.5lb plates as goal, or just body weight to get started.

If you accomplish the routine for 2 days, you can increase goal by 5 to 10lb. If you finish the set and still feel as if you haven’t done much, round it off with similar routine of lunges.

Coconut Butter for bigger hipsIntra Workout

You should have water or a calorie / carb free drink.

You want your body to be completely depleted of glycogen and use fat stores for energy.

Anything that would spike insulin will stop the fat burning process.

The Idea drink would be water or something to provide a little energy while promoting fat burning.

Ok, so sometimes water doesn’t cut it, or you need something in addition to water to complete your routine. Here’s what I do.

My Fat Burning Energy Drink Recipe:

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  • Cup or 2 of hot coffee
  • Tablespoon heavy cream
  • Spoon of coconut butter
  • NO sugar!


It doesn’t sound too appealing but I like the taste. The caffeine and heavy cream gives you energy from fat and the coconut butter makes your body produce ketone’s.

This and a workout is a fat burning dream come true! You can use Iced Coffee with cream, but without the coconut butter because it will solidify.

Post Workout Meal

This time any old whey powder won’t do. We want to keep the fat burning machine going and in order to do this we can’t have any carbs.

Keeping insulin at bay will make your body continue to burn fat as well as increase growth hormones. I like IsoPure, its top notch protein with Zero carbs that tastes great. Once again, half a scoop to one scoop is all you need.

The meal should be geared towards your goals, high fiber, good fats and some protein with NO carbs!

I love Breakfast and eat it for lunch as well. So an example of a good fat burning post workout meal that burns fat but still tones your butt is:

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  • Two eggs fried in coconut butter
  • A few strips of Bacon or Turkey Bacon
  • Half an Avocado
  • Huge salad with oil and vinegar


I’m getting hungry thinking about it. This tastes great, get you full and doesn’t seem like a diet meal at all. You can have a small portion of carbs for dinner or skip carbs completely.