How to Get a Nice Butt


Want a Nice Butt?

Part 1: Are You Motivated?

Do You Really Want a Nice Butt?

Here’s the deal, I’m not going to hand you a list of exercises you can do three times a week to get a nice butt.

Why?, for one thing it just doesn’t work that way. Another, you’re probably going to read it and discard it anyway. Sure, there is a possibility you might throw some of those moves into your workout routine and give it a shot for a few months.

But honestly, another site that lists a bunch of BS workout routines is the last thing the internet needs.

How many sites did your go through just to come up with the same, Squats, Lunges, etc.. So this is what I’m going to do. Instead of a list of booty shaping workouts, let’s take a more personalized approach.

Here me out, I think this information will probably be worth than anything you can do in the gym.

Best off, I’m sure, if you take my advice and stick to it, you can obtain your body goals or see a huge positive change within 3 months.

I know, you’re probably thinking. “Three months, I want a nice butt this week!”, OK, sure, how many months have gone by while you await your one week result?

Exactly, if you don’t get real about this and put in real work, in real time. You will just keep running around looking for an impossible quick fix.

So when I say three months, you should realize, first, that’s fast, second, this is for real!

I have been doing this for a really long time and have dealt with all kinds of clients.  I have seen the my share of slackers in search of a magic pill.

Wannabes that don’t really want to achieve a great body, they just want to act like they are. And of course those closest candy crunchers, they do a half a*s workout and reward themselves with a a couple of pints of Haagen-Dazs Rocky road.

But That’s Not You!

How do I know? Because you’re still here reading my Rants. Because you didn’t click off and run scared. Your know it’s going to take a little time and a ton of effort, but you’re ready!

Because you know the reward is not a candy bar after a thirty minute routine, it’s an incredible body after a few months or sweat and restraint.

You are Determined!

You’re ready and you should be. You don’t want to hear any more of the same BS. You and me are on the same wavelength right now. Amped as F**K, motivated and about to tear s**t up.  You know

You want a nice butt? WORK FOR IT!

You want to reward yourself? WINNING IS THE REWARD!

You want results fast? PUT IN WORK!
But don’t get gassed. This journey isn’t just about the end result, it’s about being the best at it. Looking over at the other people at the gym and realizing, they don’t have  anything on you. You have what it takes and they don’t, time to transform into you!

Getting a Nice Butt

Part 2: Taking Action

What’s Your Body Like Now?

Where are you at? Sure you want a nice butt, but what’s the state of  butt today, not sure? That’s ok, you are going to look at your body today in a way that you probably haven’t in years. This is going to be a 3 step process that takes about 15-30 minutes and all you will need is some clothing and a mirror.

Step one, you right now: Get up no matter what you got on at the time. If your home wearing your lounge around the house sweats, in a work uniform or barely dressed. Get up and step in front of the mirror. Take a few moments to look at every inch of your body, but not your face, thats right, stop at the neck.

[list icon=”icon: angle-double-right” icon_color=”#0fb157″]

  • Actually, pretend that you’re looking at someone else. Starting with the ankles, are they thick, thin, chunky or sexy.
  • A little higher up, the knees, how do your lower thighs hang above your knees. Is it tight and in place, is there a little sag or is everything in place.
  • Hips and butt, are the they shaped sexy? What would look better, if they were wider, thinner, firm or if they had more jiggle and bounce?
  • Waist, lower back and belly. What would look better to you? A little less fat around the belly and handles or would you like to gain a tiny pot belly?
  • Time to look at the chest, shoulders and back. How do your breast look in whatever you have on. Would you prefer larger breasts or are they fine as they are. Is your back bony or does it have a little too much fluff?


Take mental notes only right now. You should have started to form an idea of what you would like to change and what you like about yourself. This isn’t a throw myself in front of the mirror for some self abuse, I actually want you to focus on the reality without criticism first.

Step two: You’re going to do the same thing, this time striped down to your underwear. Same steps, from the bottom up. Take mental note of what you see and especially what you don’t!

What I mean is, compared to this semi nude or nude state, how did your everyday wear affect the appearance and shape of your body and butt?

[list icon=”icon: angle-double-right” icon_color=”#0fb157″]

  • Younger girls make the mistake of wearing too little and dressing way too tight. They they get upset and view their youthful plumpness as fat. Or the opposite, think they appear to thin due to the body strangling spandex.
  • Older women tend to dress out of form and don’t see the appeal of developing a fuller figure woman. Some older woman actually never adjust their style at all and still dress in the manner they did when they were teenagers. Wearing super tight jeans in an attempt to lift their butt into place, squeezing all the fat up to their belly and letting it hang.


So, what do you do? How does your body look as it is. What’s right about the way you dress and what should be changed? Clothing makes a huge difference and you should look good everyday. If your clothing is too tight or baggy and loose, you will never be satisfied with your appearance.

This part’s important, before you go ahead and put your clothing back on, check out your butt. What shape is your butt right now. We are not looking at size and firmness, just shape. You butt shape will determine your booty potential and what you need to do to shape it.

A girls butt can fall into 4 Different shapes:

[list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0fb157″]

  • V Shaped Buttocks
  • Heart Shaped Butt
  • Squared Shaped Booty
  • Round Butt Shape


If you’re having any trouble figuring out the shape, ask a friend. Or read my article on different butt shapes. Your butt shape is set by genetics and its a mold that’s very hard to break.

Try to work with what you have identify your booty shape in other girls. Look at girls that you think have a nice butt that also fall under the same body shape. This will give you a very realistic idea of what your goal should be.

If you think your butt is trapped under a bad genetic shape, don’t panic. I said genetics determines your butt shape and it’s hard to change it, not impossible. Do the suggested routines From that article, formulate the right diet and shoot for it.

Step three: Ok, last part of this exercise, put on whatever piece of clothing you have that makes your butt look great. If you don’t own that item yet, get it. It doesn’t matter if your can’t fit into it or fill it out. We have determined a starting point, it’s time for a goal. Get in front of that mirror one last time and try to put that on.

Should your lose weight or gain weight, we all have a different body and different goals, what are yours? Put that pair of jeans on or do your best to get into that dress. Whatever it is, try it on. If you can’t fit into it that’s fine, do the best you can. Now look at yourself in the mirror and go through the same practice, starting from your ankles and work up.

What’s preventing you from wearing it. If fats in the way, it should be obvious what needs work, your thighs, butt, belly, etc,.. If you have it on but haven’t filled it in, the same applies. What needs to be filled, it might not just be that you need a bigger butt, maybe your thighs should take some of that space.

Now, you can look past the neck and look at yourself and realize, that this is probably the last time you will see yourself this way. The next time you try this on, it’s going to fit and it’s going to look great!

Exercises and Diet Plan for a Nice Butt

Ok, I’m not going to get to deep into this. I have posted a few different article on butt routines, what you should do and how to do buttocks workouts, What I will say is, keep it simple.

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  • If you want to firm up a sagging buttocks, lift moderately at least four times a week.
  • If you’re trying to lose butt fat, lift moderate 4x a week and do cardio 1 to 2x a week in addition.
  • Want a Bigger Butt and thighs? Lift heavier 3x a week and eat foods for a bigger butt and Little to no cardio.


That’s it on that, read up on previous articles.

It’s going to be the same with diet. As long as you’re honest with yourself and know if weight gain or loss is needed, the rules are the same. Cut carbs or calories to lose weight.

Eat more calories to gain, while timing your carbs. I’m not jenny craig, so don’t expect that phoney BS about eating like a rabbit.

It’s programs like that get you nowhere fast and expect a lot in return. My diet rules are very simple and easy to follow.

[list icon=”icon: square-o” icon_color=”#0fb157″]

  • Need to lose fat? Don’t eat carbs, period, that’s soda, sugar fruits, etc.. You diet should be High fiber, fatty proteins and a lot of greens
  • Want to gain weight? Every meal should have a small portion of lean meat along with slow high carb foods, potatoes, oats, rice, etc..
  • Bigger butt and thighs while slimming out the waist? Have a big meal of Meat and potatoes after a great workout. No carbs after that meal and zero carbs on off days.
  • No matter what you chose always include a lot of plant based fats, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Natural peanut butter. Also a great peace of fatty fish once or twice a week.


A diet is just that simple for a girl. A diet that high in fiber, high in plant / fish fats and carbs only according to goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anti-carber, I love carbs. That’s the only way we can control insulin naturally to develop the body we want. Getting insulin in check and under control is the key to gaining weight, losing weight and even getting more fat on your butt and hips, without getting belly fat.