The Complete Super Awesome Guide To Testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for body hair, pubic hair, and facial hair. It is responsible for voice changes during puberty and it helps to build muscle and bones. In addition to all of this, testosterone is necessary to eventually help create children.

Testosterone is needed in order to endure the physical changes that occur as a boy becomes a man. During puberty, testosterone can aid in the growth of the penis as well as the testes over a growing period.

Testosterone is responsible for body hair, pubic hair, and facial hair. It is responsible for voice changes during puberty and it helps to build muscle and bones.

In addition to all of this, testosterone is necessary to eventually help create children.

Testosterone production is controlled by the brain and pituitary gland. Once the signal to produce has been initiated, the testosterone will then move throughout the blood in order to do what it is designed to do.

Testosterone levels are constantly changing, in fact they can change every hour but are normally at their highest during the morning. They are also at their lowest at nighttime.

The highest levels of testosterone occur between the age of twenty to thirty.

To know where your testosterone levels are, your doctor will most likely order a blood test to be done early in the morning.

When a doctor receives a low reading, he or she will most likely order another blood test early in the morning to have something to go by.

Knowing where your levels are can play a role in many things during your lifetime; when to have children, losing weight, lifting weights, working out, and more.

High Testosterone Levels

If you are diagnosed with having high testosterone levels, it may be a sign that a condition is developing or has developed.

If a young boy has high testosterone levels before the age of nine, it could be a sign that they will start puberty at an early age.

Growths, such as tumors, will increase levels of testosterone when developing in the body.

If your testosterone levels are high, your doctor will probably order another test in order to determine what your normal levels are.

Low Testosterone Levels

When your testosterone levels are too low, you may feel different, like something is wrong.

You may experience symptoms such as a decrease in your sex drive, tender breasts that may also become enlarged.

Low testosterone can decrease sperm count and cause difficulty in erections. Other symptoms include

  • Muscle weakness
  • Feeling tired more often
  • Small testicles, soft
  • Gaining weight around the waist area
  • Anemia

Causes of Low Testosterone Levels

When you have a low testosterone level, your doctor will work with you to eliminate the different possibilities including a poor diet, an illness you haven’t discovered yet, or you are getting too much exercise.

Your testosterone levels can generally give you a feeling of overall normal or a feeling like something is off.

When you question your testosterone levels, the first thing you need to do is to contact your doctor to come in the next day for a general blood test.

After reviewing your test results, your doctor can help you get your levels back to normal as quickly as possible with a few general tips and tricks that normally work on normal circumstances.

Testosterone Weight Gain

If you are overweight, did you know that the extra fat on the body can actually absorb the testosterone that travels in the blood? It can also decrease your libido or drain your energy.

With exercise added to your daily routine, you can begin to lose weight which can increase your testosterone levels.

It will take a little while to build your levels back up including your energy level so you may feel like you are making yourself do something that you don’t really want to do.

Then one day, it will become a habit and you will be able to do a little more, and the next day – a little more.

Before you know it, the extra weight will be down and your energy and testosterone levels will be up.

HGH Versus Testosterone

Should you take human growth hormones or should you take testosterone? You are at the point where you have to do something in order to better your lifestyle and show up your friends.

What you choose could have an effect on your end results.


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HGH, or Human Growth Hormone is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body by a certain area of the brain.

This anabolic hormone is in charge of stimulating bone growth and tissue growth through metabolizing the proteins, fats, and carbs in the body through diet.

You can purchase a synthetic HGH prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition or in the gym or on the internet, however this is not a legal way to obtain HGH.

HGH first became popular for fitness in the 90’s. It was then determined that children and seniors who have low levels of HGH could also benefit from the synthetic HGH injected into the body.

If the pituitary gland is not functioning correctly, it won’t produce enough HGH.

Due to the fact that HGH can decrease the amount of fat in the body and increase the development of muscle mass, body builders began taking the synthetic form of HGH.

The end result for some was a leaner body mass to build themselves up for competition.

Side Effects of HGH

The side effects of taking synthetic human growth hormone includes

  • Hyperinsulinemia
  • Insulin resistance
  • An increase in congestive heart failure
  • Hypertension
  • Swelling of the tissues located in the hands, feet, and face
  • Enlarged pancreas and liver


For bodybuilders, testosterone decreases the amount of body fat in the body and aids in producing leaner body mass.

Because oral pills can only be destroyed once the digestive enzymes found in the stomach begin to break it down, testosterone can only work if it is injected into the body, bi-passing the stomach.

Side Effects of Testosterone

  • Loss of hair
  • Increase in acne trouble
  • Increase in aggressiveness
  • Increase in depression with suicidal thoughts
  • Violent thoughts and behavior

Testosterone Vs. HGH – Which One is Right for You?

If you are trying to determine which one is better for you, here are a few tips to help.

Determine why you are ultimately taking one or the other.

It’s not always possible to choose one or the other but if you have a choice, you need to determine which one would give you the most benefit and how quickly it can happen.

You may not know it yet, but you may be suffering from a low testosterone level already due to lifestyle choices, age, and health conditions.

That means that when you take a testosterone supplement and your levels are already low, then you will be aiding the body in the deficiency and in the long run, become more balanced and feel better.

Best Testosterone Supplements for Men

Testosterone Supplements

If you want to increase your body building abilities or you just want to improve your overall health, testosterone supplements could be the answer for you. There are so many offered today so which one is right for you? Which one should you avoid?

Which one is natural for easy digestion? There are many questions to be answered. Here are the top reviews on Testosterone Supplements.

You can order testosterone supplements by mail. These supplements come in pill form, injection, or can be a rub on cream. When buying products online, only buy from sources that you can verify.

You are putting these into your body so you don’t want to mess it up. Verify your sources by looking at reviews about the product.

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  • Increase chances of acne
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  • Not recommended for women
  • Possible slow results

Testosterone supplements can improve your sex life as well as your ability to pump more iron in the gym however, it needs to be taken wisely and should be added to a plan to improve your overall health.

Don't just take supplements and hope that you see results. Change your lifestyle, change your diet, and change your mental views on yourself.

You want to improve your muscle mass but it doesn't have to be one or the other – Change the complete package and then see how much you like the results in thirty days.

DHEA Cream for Men and Women, Unscented, 2 Month Supply

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DHEA is known to improve sleep, reduce stress and aid metabolism. It is known to be a natural fat burner and a source of stamina and endurance. As for this product,

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  • May not notice results within the first month
  • May cause skin sensitivity
Natural Radiance DHEA Topical Cream Jar, Unscented

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Women can suffer from sleepless nights, increase in weight, and start to age at an early age but with Natural Radiance DHEA Topical cream, you may be able to stall these changes a little longer.

Creams are easier to take and can be applied to areas on the body where the skin is thinner, such as under the arm or the back of the neck.

Applying this cream as directed may improve your overall health and give you the boost you need.

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  • Decrease weight


  • Side effects, such as headaches, may occur
  • Results may take some time to see
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Proactive Living With Peripheral Neuropathy – [How To Guide]

Peripheral Neuropathy occurs when something happens to the nervous system and can no longer transfer the signals correctly. So the nervous system may send a false signal of pain to the brain when there actually is no pain.

Nerve Support Formula for Pain Relief

  • Highly bio-available vitamin b12 (methylcobalamin) and vitamin b1 (benfotiamine) which increases nutritional support of the nervous system.
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Do you have nerve pain that you can’t explain? Feeling pain in the head that is not a regular headache pain, pain in the feet and toes, or pain in the hands or shoulder can be caused by many different reasons.

Could these pains, although intermittent, be nerve pain? Nerve pain should not be ignored.

There may be a way to diagnose and treat nerve conditions after all.

The Peripheral Nervous System acts as a highway that connects the nerves that run from the brain and the spinal cord through the rest of the body.

This system is vital in moving freely, accomplishing tasks, and so much more.

It triggers feelings in your arms, head, feet, hands, and toes.

The job of the Peripheral Nervous System is to deliver signals from these vital parts back to the brain.

Peripheral Neuropathy occurs when something happens to the nervous system and can no longer transfer the signals correctly.

So the nervous system may send a false signal of pain to the brain when there actually is no pain.

It could also not send the signal of pain when actually pain should be felt.

Diagnosing Nerve Pain

diagnosing neuropathy

Diagnosing Peripheral Neuropathy and other nerve conditions is not easy to do. There may not be any clear signs of damage and it may not show up on tests.

You may be experiencing nerve pain in the head, nerve pain in the hands, feet or toes.

You may even experience shoulder nerve pain as well.

When you see your doctor, the first thing they will want to do is a physical test to determine if there is some underlying condition that they may need to address.

Maybe you have been in an accident since the last time you had a physical exam or maybe you were performing a different job at work and you have been experiencing some intermittent pain that has now become more frequent.

Little details can help you and the doctor determine what your next step will be.

What does Nerve pain Feel Like?

neck pain nerve pain

Depending on where the pain is located, it will be a little different. Sensory nerves are nerves that connect to your skin.

Motor nerves are connected to your muscles throughout your body, and autonomic nerves are connected to your internal organs.

Peripheral Neuropathy can affect the nerves in all three groups or it can be felt in only one.

The pain can feel like pins and needles on your hands and feet or it can feel like you are wearing a very small glove on your hand.

It can cause throbbing pains, a weak heavy feeling in the upper and lower extremities, or it can feel numb.

If the nerve pain is in your hands, you may begin to drop things, thinking you had a hold when you really don’t.

Can Peripheral Neuropathy Be Reversed?

reversing neuropathy effects

If you are diagnosed with Neuropathy, one of the first things that you will want to know is if it is permanent.

This will be a difficult question for your doctor to address until he or she knows more about your case.

If your doctor is able to identify the cause of Neuropathy, then a treatment plan can be developed and followed to help reverse the symptoms, and in some cases – cure Peripheral Neuropathy.

Even after nerve disease has damaged the nerves, if treatment is successful, nerves can start to regrow immediately, however it can take several months or even years before you can notice a difference.

A factor that may hinder the reversal of Peripheral Neuropathy is if you are born with a certain genetic that ultimately results in this condition. In this case, it cannot be reversed.

Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy


Once diagnosed, your doctor will come up with a treatment that can range from just watching the condition to make sure that it does not progress, to prescribing medications.

Your doctor will run some tests to determine how progressive your neuropathy currently is and then periodically to maintain your health.


There are certain types of medication that your doctor may prescribe for you to take if he or she feels that it will help to control your pain more effectively.

Such medications can include over-the-counter pain relievers that are non-steroid and anti-inflammatory.

If the pain is not tolerable and over-the-counter medications are not strong enough, your doctor may want to prescribe pain medication only available by prescription.

Another medication used in treating Peripheral Neuropathy is anti-seizure medications such as Neurontin or Lyrica.

They have shown to relieve nerve pain as well.

Capsaicin is a cream that is normally prescribed for relief of symptoms associated with Peripheral Neuropathy. 

Anti-depressants can also be prescribed for the treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Anti-depressants such as doxepin or amitriptyline can reduce pain by blocking the chemical processes that occur in the brain and the spinal cord so you don’t feel the pain associated with this condition.



Benfotiamine can also be used to treat neuropathy.

One of the reasons for the development of Peripheral Neuropathy is due to a lack of Thiamine.

Benfotiamine is recommended for patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy.

It comes in a fat – soluble supplement so your body can digest it and break it down to uncover the potential in every capsule.

Using supplements containing Benfotiamine along with other vitamins such as the B vitamins can increase the chances of minimizing the pain felt with neuropathy.

Physical Therapy for Neuropathy

physical therapy

It’s important that you keep your body in motion as much as possible but without overstressing it.

The more you work and move, the better you will feel. Physical therapy can play a key role in keeping limber and able to move around.

As before, it’s important to find the underlying cause of the development of neuropathy before treatment can begin.

If neuropathy is brought on due to another illness such as diabetes or chronic kidney disease, that condition will need to be addressed most likely first and then the treatment of neuropathy can begin.

Physical therapy can range in degree of intensity, based on what the specialists feel is right for you.

Recommended Exercises

aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises can be part of your plan. With aerobic exercises, you will be given instructions on how to perform certain exercises to improve your range of motion and your stability.

These exercises will include stretching and flexing to improve movement.

If you struggle with balancing and coordination, there are certain exercises that will address that.

When you can’t balance correctly, you may fall often and this can cause injuries on top of your condition.

Gait training can be part of your aerobic exercises to strengthen the leg muscles and improve your ability to walk.

Tai Chi is a natural form of exercise that helps you mentally control your moves and become more aware of your strength and ability to get through your day.

Strength Exercises

strength exercise

Strengthening your core, hips, knees, and the ankles will probably be first on the list.

Leg curls, step ups, and step back lunges are part of the physical exercises you may be given.

Simple exercises that have been done for many years is also prescribed as part of the treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica Nerve Pain

You may be walking along and suddenly, the pain is so bad that it stops you in your tracks.

The pain is intense and it wants all of your attention. Sciatic nerve pain is located mostly in the buttock area, the upper thigh and can travel all the way down to the calf or toes.

The sciatic nerve pain comes from an inflamed sciatic nerve that could also be pinched or compressed.

A pinched sciatic nerve could be the result of an injury, such as a slipped disc which has shifted to press down on the nerve.

Sciatic nerve pain can last for a few moments to a few weeks.

There are many factors that contribute to how long the pain lasts; what caused the nerve to be compressed, if the nerve can feel relieved, how active you are, and how often this occurs.

Nerve Pain Location

Sciatic nerve pain can step from three different locations; the L4, L5, or S1.

Each location has different locations of pain that can be felt. Where you feel the pain will help the doctors determine where the nerve damage is located.

L4 Nerve

L4 Disc Nerve

Located in the lower part of the spine, the L3 – L4 nerves can cause pain or even numbness to the lower part of the leg and the foot.

You may experience weakness that will prevent you from bringing your foot up to put your heel down while taking a step.

You may notice a reduction in the knee jerk reflex as well.

L5 Nerve

L5 Disc Nerve

Located in the L4-L5, you may experience foot drop, or the dragging of the front part of the foot while in the walking motion.

This will cause the front part of the foot to be dragged along while walking instead of picking it up and walking.

If the L5 nerve is compressed or restricted, you may feel pain and a numbing feeling at the top part of the foot.

This pain or numb feeling can be felt between the big toe and the second toe.

S1 Nerve

Sciatic Nerve

The L5-S1 nerve is located in the lowest part of the spine. If you experience pain in this area, you may experience pain and numbness on the outside of the foot.

It may be very difficult for you to lift your heel up when you walk on your tiptoes.

You may not feel strong enough to do that. You may also notice that the ankle jerk reflex is decreased.

Relief for Sciatic Nerve Pain

When it comes to sciatic nerve pain, you don’t have any time to lose.

When it hits, you are completely immobile where you are; at the park, at work, shopping, or working at home.

The pain is so severe, you cannot move and when you do, the pain is intense.

It could last a minute or two or it could be set in for a long time. When sciatic nerve pain hits, you want relief fast.

Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain at Home

When you find yourself standing and suddenly feel the sciatic nerve pain, you need something immediately to relieve it.

There are many ways to relieve sciatic nerve pain but these can be done in your home without assistance.

Reduce Inflammation


If you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, chances are, you have some inflammation pressing down on one of the nerves in the lower part of your spine.

If you are able, take a motrin or other over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine to help reduce the tension being placed on the nerve.

Once you take the medication, you may not feel relief for another thirty minutes to one hour.

Work it Out

Tennis Ball Exercise

Lie down on a bed or floor. Get a tennis ball, or a round object that is close to the size of a tennis ball.

If you don’t have a tennis ball, then use your fists. Make a fist with both of your hands and slide your fists under the curve of your lower back.

Keep your knuckles up toward your spine. Lie still for one to two minutes with support on your lower spine.

Next, you want to roll on to the side that is experiencing the pain.

Place the tennis ball or your fists underneath the buttocks on the painful side.

The reason why you are going to put pressure there is because this is one of the points in relief of sciatic nerve pain when doing acupressure.

If you feel pain, that is normal, just know that this point is necessary in order to relieve the pain.

Hold your fist or the tennis ball in place for five minutes. During that time, you need to take slow deep breathes and with each breath, relax more.

You will begin to feel the pain and soreness decrease with every breath.

It’s important to move your fist or tennis ball around in the direct area to eliminate any pressure that may be at other points around that area.

Using your fingers, apply pressure on the outer part of your lower leg, between the front of the fibula and the small bone above the ankle.

Apply pressure for a few moments.

Then place pressure to another point, such as in front of the outside ankle bone. Press and hold for a few more minutes.

Now, move on down to the top of the foot, to the Metatarsal bones, or the five bones located in the foot.

Apply pressure between the fourth and fifth bone for approximately one or two minutes.

Acupuncture to The Rescue

Acupuncture Treatment

Many people fear the needles and this fear stops them from trying acupuncture.

However, if you have ever felt sciatic nerve pain, you may prefer the acupuncture over that any time.

For your first visit to an acupuncture specialists, keep your mind open.

Don’t concentrate on the procedure but more on the outcome. More people come from an acupuncture session feeling better about their decision to go.

Acupuncture can eliminate the pain felt at one particular pressure point, such as the lower spine, where sciatic nerve pain strikes.

See a Chiropractor for Help 

Chropractor treatment

When sciatic nerve pain hits, you want to seek the assistance of a chiropractor who will be able to adjust the spine back into alignment, taking the pressure off of the nerves that are being compressed.

Going to a chiropractor for regular visits can prevent the sciatic nerve from being compressed.

A chiropractor can also give you some tips, hints, and exercises and advice on how to ease sciatic pain should it occur at home.

Pilates to Help Prevent Sciatica

Pilates Exercise

Pilates has so many benefits to the human body when performed right.

Pilates can also help to prevent sciatic nerve pain from occurring.

With certain poses, you can stretch the spine and break it free from being compressed and feeling pressure on one point or several.

Pilates can increase blood flow and give you an overall feeling of being healthy.

Practice pilates on a regular basis and help prevent sciatic nerve pain from occurring.

Avoid stressing the muscles in the body by using them every day for everything and not giving them a chances to unwind and release.

Daily forms of exercise, including pilates, can help to relax the muscles.

Preventing Sciatic Nerve Pain

Pain Management

Even though sciatic nerve pain is common, it’s important to take precautions to prevent it from occurring whenever possible.

You never know when the sciatic nerve pain will strike so to take steps to help prevent it from happening is your best defense.

Exercise daily and take care of your body. If you have a condition such as diabetes, listen to your doctor and take care of yourself.

Sciatic nerve pain can be managed with a little time, a healthy plan that includes exercise, a balanced diet, and supplements that work to make your days less painful and more enjoyable.

12 Natural Superfoods That Aid Weight Loss W/O Exercise

Are you trying to lose weight? Or maybe you are looking for a completely natural way to shed those extra pounds?

If you have answered yes to those questions, then this article will help you find twelve of the best Superfoods, which will help you achieve the perfect body through weight loss.

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How To Really Workout At Home – A Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to exercise regularly but do not want to visit a gym outside? Do not worry about that as your home can also be a potential space where you can do your workout.

Undoubtedly, workout from home comes with several benefits. It not only saves your time that you need to walk or drive to your gym but it also saves your money that you spend on its membership.

If you want to lose weight or get into shape, then you can do the same from your house too. You will need some essential gym equipment for working out at your home.

Benefits of Home Gym

Working out in your home gym can be of great benefit. Thus, having a home gym is a great idea and is also beneficial. Here are some of the benefits:

Profitable Investment

If you invest on your home gym now then it may be more expensive than your monthly fees at your gym. But think about the long-term. In the long run, investing in your home gym is way cheaper than paying your gym membership every month for years.

To have a gym at your home you need some essential equipment such as dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands. If you are thinking to invest on a machine, then invest on an elliptical machine.

It is also called a cross-trainer and has a lot of benefits. It is ideal for your full-body workout and lower-body workout too. This machine helps to increase the aerobic capacity as well as burns a lot of calories.

30 minutes of exercise on this machine can burn up to 400 calories. The best part about the elliptical machine is that it doesn’t have much impact on your joints. So, it is perfect for people of any age group.

Personal and Convenient

One of the best things about having home gym is that you can use it on your own convenience. If you go to an outside gym then it has a fixed timing. Sometimes due to certain issues, you may miss out working out that day.

But if you do your exercise at home, you will be able to spare 20 to 30 minutes any time from your day to workout. Sometimes, it is also tiring for the people to walk or drive to the gym after the hectic day at office or school.

But you can use your home gym at your own convenience. Since it is your personal gym, you do not have to follow any particular rules that are often set by some gyms. You can create your own workout routine and follow that.

Excellent for Introvert People

If you feel very shy and self-conscious in a new place, then home gym is the perfect choice. When you first start to use outside gym it is common to feel extremely self-conscious.

Many beginners tend to believe that people are judging them for their way of working out or their body shape etc. You do not have to get distracted for all these things and enjoy working out in your own personal gym.


Using your home gym can be a great idea but you need to create a strict workout regime for yourself. Follow that every day or at least 5 days a week. Select a particular timeslot based on your own convenience to workout.

Be dedicated about your daily workout to gain results. If you want some advice, checkout our review of Nautilus E616 and E614 Elliptical Trainer.

For 2016: The Amazing Guide To [Resistance Training]

Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

  • Valor Athletics® BD-7 power rack.
  • 2″ x 2″ main frame.
  • Four 8″ plate storage pegs.
  • 4 solid steel chrome adjustable-weight bar supports.
  • 2 solid steel squat safety bars.

Some Quick Myth Debunking

One of the most irritating things I’ll hear people say is that they don’t lift weights because they don’t want to get bulky (I usually hear this from women). They clearly have no comprehension of just how hard people have to work to “bulk up.”

The other thing that grinds my gears is when a fitness article or description of a product promises to “tone” your muscles. I hate to rock your world, but there’s no such thing.

You either build a muscle or you don’t. That’s it. You can’t “tone” it. When people talk about getting you toned, they’re really discussing ways that you can a) build your muscle, and b) get rid of the fat that is currently hiding your muscles.

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How To Make Your Own Detox Drink

Detox Diet

No matter how much you try to avoid toxin in our lives, you constantly absorb toxins through the air, food and water. It is important to get rid these toxins to prevent catastrophic illness; hence, detoxing should be a major part of your life.

Whether you’re just trying to avoid sugary drinks, lose weight, or just to help your body get rid of toxins in your body, this energizing blend of foods and flavors will also satisfy your taste-buds. It is important to know how to make your own detox drink at home.

If you are ready to start detoxing, begin with the guided instructions on how to do a full body detox focusing on specific organs. The Instructions will guide you on how to start a simple detox and how to do it.

Below is a recipe for how to make your own detox drink at home –


  • 1-2 liters of water, according to your preference
  • Part of 1 watermelon or 1 cucumber
  • Some fresh mint leaves
  • Ice cubes


Cut up a decent amount of watermelon or cucumber into shapes, skin and all, and place them into a container or pitcher. Slice 1 delicious lime into wedges and put them in with the watermelon.

Add one handful of fresh, fragrant, mint leaves and add 2 liters of cool water, filling the container. Let this mixture sit overnight in the cooler and let all the yummy flavors soak and mix the water.

When you need to drink it, put in some ice cubes, pour, and enjoy everyday.

How to Detox Your Body

Buy the Right Foods and Maintain a Healthy Diet

You can do to support your body’s detoxification process by lightening its load and decreasing the toxins you put in your body. Choose organic vegetables and fruits over fast food and other processed foods.

Foods like lemon, garlic, and raw vegetable aid detoxification. Avoid genetically modified food because the contain chemicals which are harmful to your body.

Many diets promote cleansing and detoxification. You should follow a strict raw, organic, vegan diet, but there are other options. However, if this is not for you, you can start other healthy diets and avoid some foods.

You could also try a raw alkaline diet. It’s a temporary cleanse consisting of raw vegetables and fruits, raw nuts, seeds, and sprouts. It’s a great approach for detoxing the liver and colon.

Juicing also helps and because it is centered on drinking freshly-made fruit and vegetable juice.

Exercising and Meditating

Exercise and meditation help maintain a healthy body. When you exercise, you sweat hence releasing toxins through the pores on the skin.

Meditation helps you clear your mind. Stress can be as bad to your body as chemicals. An unsettled mind can cause the body to function dismally.

Purify the Air You Breathe

Clean air reduces your exposure to toxins. It is impossible to control the whole environment, but you can monitor the air in your home.

Smoke, pet dander, mildew, and microorganisms make the air in your home more toxic than the air outside. A high-quality air purification device is an ideal way to keep your air fresh and toxin-free.

You can also get a few house plants instead; they are natural air fresheners.

Cleanse Your Body with Water

The most valued tool for detoxification of the body is water. The body’s most essential activities require water. Water is essential for the body to produce saliva, help with perspiration, and cleanse the body.

If you’re one of those people who don’t enjoy the taste of plain water, try adding lemon, strawberries or cucumber to the water.

Full Body Detox

A full body detox is a step-by-step procedure that concentrates on every organ that assists in ridding the body of poisons.

The program should focus on removing harmful chemicals, organisms, and toxic metals while cleaning your liver, colon, and kidneys.

A complete body detox is a long process that needs commitment but can be especially rewarding. If you’ve never performed a detox, try the 9 Step Body Cleanse.

It’s a whole body detox program that will help you get rid of toxins and leaves you feeling great. A body free of toxins will make you feel energised and ready for the day’s challenges.

5 Exercises To Ease Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic Exercises

Neuropathic pain is caused by nerve damage that may also lead to tingling or numbness. This condition can be caused by vitamin deficiencies or injury.

Foot neuropathy can be brought about by several medical conditions diabetes being among them. Exercises have been used to alleviate neuropathic pain.

Here are 5 Exercises To Relieve Neuropathic Pain for anybody managing nephropathy condition. You can perform these exercises from a standing or sitting position.

1. Sitting Leg Pointers

With your knees together and back straight, be seated on a chair. Your right foot should be lifted off the ground. Straighten your knee. Your toes should point into the distance.

Hold your leg out straight, pointing the toes towards the body in a deeper flex. While in this position, circle the ankle joint five times both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Bring down your right foot. Repeat this exercise on your left foot.

2. Toe Tapping Exercises

Be seated in your chair with heels on the ground. The distance between your feet should be approximately hip distance apart or together. Lift your toes off the floor, and then lower them to the ground, making a tapping motion.

This exercise should be repeated between fifteen and twenty minutes. Alternatively, you can also places the heels together. Lift the toes off the ground as high as possible.

Turn both your feet outward, creating a “V” shape with the heels still on the ground. Touch the toes to the ground and then lift them high again, bringing them together. Once again touch the toes to the ground. This sequence should be repeated 5 to 10 times.

Are Toe Tapping Exercises Helpful?

Toe tapping exercises are particularly helpful when easing foot neuropathy pain. This exercise can be performed in several variations; however the most effective method is where the patient is required to be seated with both heels on the ground , then raise the toes up as high as possible. This helps you stretch out your feet and back which eventually leads to pain relief.

3. Low Impact Exercises

Low impact exercises include walking, swimming as well as stationary bicycling. These exercises can help lower pain and complications related to neuropathy.

According to studies, performing low impact exercises can boost the strength of your muscle and coordination. As you perform these exercises, it’s extremely important to start off slow, pacing and then increase gradually the duration and distance.

When walking, make sure you keep your pelvis slightly tucked under and your lower abdomen muscles pulled in towards the base of your spine. As has been mentioned, start by walking short distances, and then increase the distance and the duration gradually.

When swimming or biking, make use of full- ankle joint function, working your joint to help in preventing or reducing pain and stiffness.

4. Range of Motion

Range of motion workouts have been proven to help stimulate the nerve conduction and circulation to the areas affected. These types of exercises are performed specifically at joints.

For instance, range of motion workouts for the feet is meant to rotate ankle joint. This is how it’s performed: while sitting, lift up the foot affected and circle both in clockwise and counter-clockwise motion.

This cycling for the joint should be repeated between five and ten minutes in each motion.

5. Balance

Keeping a healthy balance system is very important more so if illness, joint pains, dizziness, or weakness cause you problems. With balance training, you will not just get back to normal but also overcome feelings of unsteadiness or stiffness.

Balance is emerging as a very important element for the aged. This is because old muscles are much smaller, slower and usually respond less effectively when you want to brace yourself, making you even more vulnerable.


Neuropathy condition may lead to damage to your ankle joint without you knowing it. You could end up spraining your ankle or causing other injury by falling because of lack of position sense you have as a reflection of your condition.

In fact, walking and balance in general may be impaired when neuropathy is discovered residing in your ankle, leg or foot.

Although neuropathy has no cure, several studies have proven that exercising brings about great benefits to patients managing their condition.

This is because the above 5 exercises to relive neuropathic pain will help strengthen weak muscles and improve balance.

Why HGH Supplements Are Better Than Injections

As an individual grows older, their natural growth hormone production declines. This results in HGH level dropping, which in turn leads to aging and a number of other various health issues.

Having low levels of the growth hormone (GH) in our bodies encourages aging. This theory might seem abstract but it has been scientifically proven, and it is the reason why HGH supplements were created.

A number of HGH products are available in the market and most of them claim they are the best and most effective. Human growth hormone is available in two forms: pill and injection.

A lot of people seek to know which among the two forms of HGH is better and the safer. It is important for an individual to consult their doctor in order to find out which among the two forms will work depending on their health condition.

Below we look at the reasons why HGH supplements are better than injections.


Any medicine administered by way of injection works fastest in our bodies. HGH injections are very powerful and contain higher amounts of HGH in every dosage.

This makes the practice of injecting HGH into the human body highly controversial due to the potential risks involved.

HGH injections are linked to a number of dangerous side effects like diabetes, hypertension, swelling of joints, organ enlargement, respiratory problems and certain types of cancer.

These scary side effects discourage the medical fraternity from recommending HGH injections for anti-aging purposes.

On the other hand, there are studies that have shown that administration of HGH orally is an efficient method for replacing the growth hormone in our bodies.

They are far safer than the HGH injections due to the fact that most of the available HGH supplements today are releasers. In a nutshell it means that HGH supplements do not contain the human growth hormone like it is in the case of HGH injections.


When considering the reasons why HGH supplements are better than injections, we have to consider the convenience they offer when compared to the injections.

The administration of these injections varies in that some doctors recommend that you must visit them for every injection while others recommend for them to be taken at home.

HGH injections contain synthesized GH in regulated dosages, which should be taken in a frequent interval to maintain a steady level of the natural GH in the system.

This means regular dosing, which means that you need to get the shot on a daily basis.

Injections are not everyone’s cup of tea due to the pain involved. Although some modern advancement in the syringe technology have come about, this process still remains inconvenient.

The method involving injections is very inconvenient, and not forgetting the huge risks of contracting other infections and reactions due to the nature of injections.

Why are HGH Supplements Recommended by Doctors?

A number of HGH supplements available in the market contain both herbal and pharmaceutical ingredients. These herbal ingredients stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the production of the human growth hormone.

Although these HGH supplements do not offer immediate results like the HGH injections, they are effective and contain some vitamins and amino acids too. There is also no risk of experiencing side effects when using these supplements.

Other Benefits of Using HGH Supplements

Another reason why HGH supplements are better than injections is the additional benefits these pills offer.

There are various pills that have been associated with increasing muscle mass, improving sleep and sexual enhancement (enhancing sexual desire and performance among women and men).

HGH supplements have been linked to curing your immune system thereby improving immunity, better athletic strength and performance, great help in weight training and body building and improving the recovery rate of muscles after a workout.

Bottom Line

Using the correct HGH product brings about some notable effects on your metabolism, which makes you look and feel younger.

It is right to use your body’s own HGH rather than relying on a synthetic one. This qualifies as another important reason why HGH supplements are better than injections.

More people have turned to using the natural HGH supplements after realizing their effectiveness and worthiness as opposed to the HGH injections that are harmful, expensive and synthetic.

How To Make The Most Out of Your Elliptical Machine

An elliptical machine can be an excellent way to stimulate your heart rate without the extreme jarring motion running can have on your joints.

These cardio devices can be an excellent means to burn calories. Yet if you use elliptical incorrectly you may not get the results you want.

Here are some suggestions and methods that will certainly help you crank up your workout with the elliptical, use your time wisely, and get the results you are after.

What’s Your Physical Focus?

A Cardio Workout Focus: Know your strides per minute. Strides Per Minute (SPM) is defined at the number of times you move your legs around in 60 secs. Machines such as the Nautical E616 Elliptical Trainer that show stats conveniently keep track of the Strides Per Minute for you.

If you’re doing periods on the elliptical, try and keep your sprints above 160 SPM.

Toning Thighs Emphasis: If your focus is toning the thigh area the place you need to pay attention is your feet. Pushing with your heels a lot more will work your backside and hamstrings, while pressing with your toes will get those quads toned.

Working The Core: Go hands totally free. Releasing the bars on the elliptical may challenge your sense of balance but it engages stomach muscles.

More Do’s and Don’t When Using an Elliptical

DO: Make a plan prior to hitting “start.”. Before stepping a foot on the equipment, established an objective for the exercise. This keep you focused on the workout and your goals in mind.

DON’T: Slouch. With hand rails on the machines, it could be tempting to get on and lean ahead as your legs do all the work.

But slouching ahead will simply make the workout feel easier, so it’s keeping you from burning the actual amount of calories the machine may be recording.

Standing up straight extends your abdominal muscles, providing you a chance to involve your core as well as exercise your upper body.

DON’T: Repeat your regimen. Doing the same exercise day after day could work initially, but it will ultimately cause a fitness plateau.

DO: 5-minute periods increasing resistance each time. This keeps your body engaged and offers a variety to your workout.

DO: Set a resistance to something other than 0. You may seem like a million bucks stepping a mile a minute, but without resistance, you won’t see results. After that, continue at a moderate pace until you feel like you’ve done all you could do.

DO: Enter your weight information. Many machines are calibrated for a 150-pound person– yet customizing your stats will assist you in tracking a much more exact calorie read.

DO: Alter your exercise regime. Periods are a great way to break up the repetitiveness or a workout routine as well as enhance your calorie burn. You can do this in a few ways.

Either leave the resistance steady and quicken your pace (quick for 1 min; moderate for 4) or keep your rate and change your resistance (challenging resistance for 1 minute; moderate for 4).

DON’T: Go until you cannot feel your feet. One of the most common elliptical mistakes is placing way too much pressure on your toes, which can make your feet go numb and also cut your workout short.

Instead, unwind into your heels, which challenges muscle groups and also gives you the stamina endure a longer workout.

DON’T: Let the machine sound like it’s going to move. If you could hear the purr of the elliptical machine while you’re exercising, it implies that you’re going to quickly without enough resistance– which means you’re not getting the most calorie burn out of your workout.

Keeping a steady, moderate rate at a resistance that requires you to use your muscles and keep the heart rate going strong.

DO: Engage the top half of your body. When using your limbs, try intervals. Concentrate on your arms for 1 minute, then pump your legs for 4, as well as repeat via your exercise. Bringing the arms into the exercise gives you a full body workout.

Remember to add cardio exercises in order to maintain an all-around routine as well as to raise your metabolic rate. Using these tips and guides will help you achieve and maintain your weight goals from using the elliptical machine.

How Protein Powders Help Accelerate Your Workout Goals

One of the most beneficial activities which you can engage in today is exercise. It can take many different forms. One of the most popular forms is lifting weights at the gym.

Those of us who engage in this form of exercise have the goal of developing toned, strong muscles. An athletic body is attractive.

Thus, your self-esteem is bound to grow along with your body size. To achieve your gym workout goals quickly and effectively, you can use protein powder.

This is a supplement that is essential in building muscle. Moreover, it has a number of benefits that boost the effectiveness of your workouts. Read on to discover how protein powders help accelerate your workout goals.

Promote The Growth of Muscle

Protein is known as a body-building food. We are advised to consume some protein every day to keep our bodies growing healthy and strong. This nutrient provides us with essential amino acids. These ones work to repair muscle tissue after workouts.

This process is necessary so as to heal and increase the size of your muscles.

Protein powder is also effective in developing and maintaining positive nitrogen balance. This one is highly important in ensuring that you are increasing and not losing lean muscle tissue.

In addition to that, protein is a great substitute for all the foods which you have to stop eating during a fat-loss nutritional period. Examples of these foods include rice, bread and pasta.

You can use protein powder to substitute these foods in your daily diet. Not only will this be healthy for you, it can result in a noticeable, positive difference.

Helps You to Recover Faster After a Workout

According to studies, when you consume some protein before and after your workouts, the levels of protein synthesis are higher and occur much faster.

Thus, it is advised to take a whey protein powder that is quick absorbing before you go to the gym and afterwards too. The purpose of taking some before you go is to prepare your muscles for the demanding workout motions.

Moreover, the post-workout shot of protein powder provides you with a flood of amino acids which jumpstart the muscle repair process. Protein powder often exists in form of whey.

This is the most powerful form of protein available today. It is even better than white meat sources such as fish or chicken. As such, consuming some whey protein powder before and after your gym session helps you to grow and to recover as fast as possible.

Reduce the Amount of Hunger you Feel

Interestingly, protein powder reduces your hunger pangs. This feature of the powder is strategically beneficial to people who want to shed fat and build muscle. The protein powder satiates you.

Moreover, it reduces the amount of a hormone known as ghrelin in your body. This is the one which tells your brain that you are hungry. As a result, you are able to grow your muscles while preventing unhealthy eating habits.

It Makes Your Bones Stronger

Calcium is a nutrient that keeps our bones healthy and strong. It comes from consuming dairy products such as milk and yogurt. Unfortunately, some of us are lactose intolerant.

For those who have this condition and want to get strong bones, protein powder is a great alternative to use. This powder contains up to 20% of the calcium you need daily in one serving.

This nutrient is added to the powder because it is important in performing muscular contractions successfully. By consuming some protein powder shake before and after your workout, you are able to meet your daily calcium requirements easily.

It Prevents the Development of Cancer

Medical research has proved that whey protein powder can actively prevent you from developing specific types of cancer. Examples of these are colon and prostate cancer. This is great news for all men who want to get big and healthy too.

As such, consume your whey protein powder and also get screened for these types of cancer.

It Helps Vegetarians to Achieve a Balanced Diet

As a vegetarian, it is hard to achieve one’s nutritional needs. Combining the right amount and variety of vegetables, nuts, fruit and grain for the purpose of finding protein is a tedious task.

Therefore, vegetarians can get their protein requirements from protein powder. It is effective and easily absorbed by the body. Thus, if you are a vegetarian and you want enough protein to grant you the gains you desire. Protein powder is the best option.


Hitting the gym is a great way to burn fat and gain muscle. It is a highly recommended exercise for anyone who seeks to bulk up.

To truly achieve your body goals, you need to consume protein powder. It will give your diet that extra kick in delivering satisfying, long lasting results.