How to Get a Bigger Butt

A nice round bottom has always been attractive. It isn’t just some new fad that has all the sudden popped up. Curves are sexy and the more curves you have the sexier you become.

A big butt is sexy, enhances your femininity and is a turn on. But, you already know that, that’s why you’re here, so lets get into this.

Getting a bigger butt will take some time, but assessing your current booty shape will make all the difference.

Basically there are 2 different types of booties that we can develop and depending on your starting point, one type may come easier than the other.

So, lets look at what you have and figure out your potential.

What Kind of Butt do You Have?

It’s easy to figure out the shape of your bum. Just as a friend to compare your figure to this “butt Type Chart”.

Once you know your booty type you can move on to developing a plan.

The “V” Shaped butt

You can easily tell if you have this figure. Your hips will be will be slightly wider than your waist. Most of the fullness will be towards the top part of your buttocks and if you tense up your glutes they shape into a V.

If you have that V shaped booty, you will need to follow a workout routine that develops the lower glutes.

Also depending on your body fat, you may need to up caloric intake. Following a split plan for a fatter and rounder butt.

This will help you develop bigger glutes and a fully shape.

A Square Booty

Square butts are usually the same width from waist to thighs. This square shape makes the butt look more masculine and flatter. This booty type will usually have less fat on the hips and waist.

Its usually easier to build a tighter firm round shape from this type. Making your side profile look great. If you have a kind of square shaped tush, it will be easier to get that “fit chick butt”.

Trying to get a wider hips of just a fat butt, may not go as well. It will also require a lot more work and tends to add more overall body weight.

A muscle building routine will more calories from protein can get you that fit girl booty. So following a Rounder Butt regime will work great.

Round Butt Shape

A full round butt is easy to identify. You already have some curves and noticeably round from the side. Waist and hips are usually around the same size.

Round booties are easy to shape depending on your goals.

If your bum already has a round shape, building a bigger butt will be easy. You’re going to be able to develop a butt into any shape you please.

Adding more calories with very little work out will give you a fatter butt.

If you decide to increase your butt workouts, also increase calories. You can get a bubble butt quickly and without much effort.

Heart Shaped Butt

Sometimes called Pear shaped or A Shaped butt is usually the most desired figure. Having a natural pear shaped bum makes you look curvier and enhances your feminine qualities.

A woman with a pear shaped butt will have a smaller waist compared to hips. Increasing in size from the waist down to the bottom of the bottucks.

A girl with a heart shaped booty can choose any direction in shape. You can develop a smaller perky butt or grow bigger hips and booty.

The only downside is that because your body type tends to store more fat in the thighs, hips and butt, going overboard is easy Remember you want to gain weight and shape your rump, not get out of shape.

Building a Better Booty

Now that you know your butt type, it’s time to pick a plan that will work best for you. You want to see results quickly and without to much effort. So lets pair up your booty type to its potential.

You don’t have to follow these guidelines, you can try and build any butt type you want. But knowing your potential will be quicker.

Getting a Bubble Butt

I define a BubbleButt as a round bum that is almost equally with fat and muscle. From the side, a bubble booty sticks out and looks great.

If you already have a round shaped butt, a getting a bubble butt will be easy.

By developing more muscle and following a good diet that makes up for any calories you lost during workouts. You’re going to trim more fat off the waist and more it to your butt.

If your Booty is square shaped, your still in business. You can still develop a killer bubble, but without gaining much on the thights.

Just by following the same regime for a round shaped butt.

V shaped butt and Square shaped bodies may have a harder time getting a bubble butt. For a women with a V shaped bottom, you will need to dedicate a lot of time in the gym shaping those glutes.

Also depending on your body fat percentage, you will need to gain or lose weight. So take measurement and get your regime in order before changing your diet or workout plan.

I your Square Shaped, it may not be as difficult as a girl with a V shape, but you will still need to put in work. Develop glutes by hitting them with an array or butt building workouts.

Especially by taking time to develop wider hips and trimming that waistline with a good core routine. Your diet should reflect your current fat percentage. You can break out of that Square shape by tightening that waist.

Getting a Bigger Butt

Bubble lungesJust getting a bigger booty takes time, no matter your booty type.

You going to need a great diet plan as well as follow a good butt building workout.

But, good news again for the ladies with a Round or heart shaped bum.

You can get a bigger butt fast and without working out. Just upping your calories will help you butt grow.

Because girls with Round Butts and Heart shaped Butts already tend to store the extra weight in that region.

Adding additional calories is all you need to get a bigger butt. I would still suggest doing core and Ab workouts to keep a smaller waist.

Square butts are not completely out of luck. You can still get a big butt by working out.

The potential is there, you may need to follow a routine that adds muscle to certain parts of your rump.

But it shouldn’t be much more work. Also diet as needed.

If you have a V shaped bottom naturally, getting a bigger booty is going to take a lot off effort and dieting.

The reason a girl with a V shaped butt has to work harder is because they tend to store more fat on the waist and not the rear.

So just eating more will only give you a spare tire. The added fat will collect around the love handles and belly.

So how can woman with a V shaped butt get more curves, can a V-shaped butt get rounder? Yes, you can get rid of a V shaped booty and grow a rounder bigger bum.

It won’t necessarily be harder, just a more targeted approach towards your exercise routine.

Don’t make the mistake of just focusing on working out your rear end. Remember, your body want to store fat on your waist and midsection.

So your focus at should be your waistline. Splitting your core exercises throughout the week. working out lower back, abs and obliques.

Squats should be followed all the way through, booty to the floor. With more intensity towards the bottom half of the squat. Diet needs to also be on point.

Getting  a Firm Toned Rump

Bigger isn’t always better, you may really just need to tone up. No matter your shape you rear is, no one wants a saggy butt.

Unfortunately the bigger your bum, the more likely you are to fall victim to a Saggy bum. So you will need to continue a general gym routine to keep in shape.

If your are already fit and have a killer butt taking less than one hour a day working out can keep your butt lifted and tone. some of the best workouts for maintaining that butt lift is:

[list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0fb157″]

  • Hip lifts
  • squats
  • lunges
  • split squats
  • Dead lifts
  • Leg Lifts


Remember, the smaller your waist the more curves.

Can a Skinny Girl Get a Bigger Butt

A high or fast metabolism will keep you skinny and make it harder to get a big booty. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

A girl with a high metabolism can still get bigger hips and killer curves. But this will take a different approach than a girl that’s able to gain weight.

The key to gaining weight and more curves for a skinny girl is insulin. Eating more carbs at the right time. Insulin promotes growth no matter the speed of your metabolism.

You will just need to evaluate your current diet and supplements. By using a calorie counter for about two weeks, you can get a better idea of your current eating pattern.

Then ask yourself these questions:

[list icon=”icon: square-o” icon_color=”#0fb157″]

  • Are you eating enough to grow a butt?
  • Are your diet macros in order?
  • Are you getting enough Fat?
  • Are you eating enough Carbs?
  • How much water are you drinking?


Just by making little adjustments you will start to see butt gains. Followed with a workout plan, there’s no reason you can’t get a nice butt.