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August 11, 2021


Michael Kuefner, PhD (BMS)
Improving Liver Health – The Bottom Line

Fact Checked By Michael Kuefner, PhD (BMS)
 August 11, 2021

Liver Health

The liver is involved in heaps of processes in us humans, the crux of which is to metabolize toxins, nutrients, or that glass of wine at night we all love to have.

And over time, poor dietary and lifestyle choices can dramatically affect these processes by increasing fat storage, inflammation, or stress in the liver, placing a massive burden on this very important organ.

But what about optimal liver health? Why care about this?

Well, for a bunch of reasons. But let’s start with the big ones.

For starters, optimal liver health is associated with a quicker, more efficient metabolism which may help you trim some extra pounds and manage overall weight better.

Who doesn’t want that? (1)

Liver health is very closely related to a healthy heart.

When your liver is functioning optimally, you’ll reduce the ‘bad’ cholesterol known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL-cholesterol).


This can have profound benefits for the heart.

Also related to the cholesterol story, low LDL-C levels will keep you away from statins – a very common drug taken by over 25% of adults over the age of 40 (2).

While no one particularly enjoys taking these medications, statins can be particularly wicked for some individuals.

They commonly cause muscle pain and weakness (3).

So? Keep your liver healthy and you have a much better chance of steering clear of statin use (and that muscle pain, hopefully!).

It’s simple.

A healthy liver is related to healthy digestion, too.

Research suggests that when damage to the liver occurs, some healthy bacteria in the gut are diminished which can negatively impact digestion (4).

Not just digestion, either.

The liver-gut axis and optimal liver health is necessary for efficient absorption of nutrients and vitamins from the gut (5).

Your liver also regulates the balance of a bunch of hormones in the body. Sex hormones, thyroid hormone, adrenal hormones, you name it.

If the liver cannot complete this function efficiently, you’re in for a wild ride of emotional imbalances, and probably a bunch of other problems, too (6).

Aside from these hormones, the liver regulates white blood cell counts and antibodies in our bodies.

Liver health will reduce the likelihood of developing infection (looking at you, Covid-19)

Keep your libido.

Keep your metabolism optimal. Keep your stress levels in-tact. This starts with a healthy, efficient liver.

Clinical Effects Liver Support

Other than diet and lifestyle, a good supplement to improve liver health and support our all-encompassing organ is Clinical Effects Liver Support.

It’s an all-natural detox health supplement proven clinically to remove toxins in the liver and help regenerate the liver to process nutrients and toxins more efficiently.

How does Clinical Effects Liver Support achieve these benefits? We’ll tell you.

1. Milk Thistle (7)

  • Clinical Effects Liver Support contains 200mg of Milk Thistle with every serving. It’s a plant extract native to European countries that was brought to the USA, and research has shown it can dramatically improve liver health.

  • Millions of people are taking this supplement today for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant capabilities, and pre-clinical evidence exists for its ability to treat things like fatty liver disease

2. Beetroot

  • Beetroot is an excellent source of dietary nitrates and antioxidants in the form of plant-pigments known as betalain’s. Betalain’s benefit the heart as well by reducing oxidative damage and inflammation.

  • Most studies use beetroot juice and show its beneficial effect. So, in Clinical Effects Liver Support, we’ve included 50mg of beetroot extract as another mechanism to boost anti-inflammation and antioxidant support for the liver.

3. Dandelion

  • The sugars, or polysaccharides of the dandelion root are known to reduce stress in the liver and improve its ability to produce bile acids (8).

  • Bile acids produced by the liver support digestion and absorption of nutrients in the gut!

  • Dandelion sugars also help your liver filter potentially harmful chemicals out of your food and liquid intake, as they improve the liver’s ability to metabolize substances.

  • The root is also a good source of Vitamin C to further improve immune defense in the body.

  • Clinical Effects Liver Support supplement contains 50mg of dandelion root to boost immune function and digestive capacity.

    It’s a major player in improving efficiency and health in the liver and gallbladder and overall digestion, and the clinical research shows this too (9), (10).

4. Chicory Root

  • Chicory root has long been reported as producing a loss-of-appetite effect. It treats stomach pains and discomfort, along with constipation (11).

  • This little root packs a powerful punch – it’s commonly used as an alternative to caffeine along with numerous other benefits.

  • It’s a good source of dietary fiber, and may even mitigate stress levels.

  • Similar to the other natural ingredients outlined above, it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties important for liver protection, and a healthy boost to your immune system.

  • Chicory root also may prevent Diabetes onset. One study which examined 47 patients actually found that chicory root extract improved levels of Adiponectin. This protein regulates blood sugar levels in our bodies along with fatty acid breakdown (12)!

  • Altogether, chicory root has profound beneficial effects that aren’t merely limited to the liver. It manages stress and provides support to the liver, along with blood glucose levels.

  • For these reasons, Clinical Effects Liver Support contains 50mg of Chicory root as well.

Other than the 4 compounds outlined above – Milk Thistle, Beetroot, Dandelion, and Chicory root, the Clinical Effects Liver Support supplement contains numerous other natural ingredients that have research-based evidence for their ability to support the liver and protect it from damage.

Specifically, it contains a proprietary blend with a bevy of clinically-backed natural compounds like Berberine HCL and Grape Seed Extract that not only support the liver, but aid in glycemic control as well.

Clinical Effects Liver Support uses a research-based, natural ingredient approach to formulate a supplement with proven benefits.

If you’re looking for liver support, protection, or are having troubles with digestion, this is a fantastic supplement for consideration!