3 Butt Enhancement Methods

Butt Enhancement

Even if you are not a follower of the Kardashians, there are a number of reasons you may consider improving the appearance of your buttocks.

Beyond cosmetic reasons, though that is the primary reason many people consider buttock augmentation, the decision may also be based on congenital or traumatic reasons, such as people who are involved in a serious accident.

There are several approaches to gluteoplasty (the technical medical tern for the procedure) the most common being injections, surgery, creams, and pills.

Though many people believe the appearance of the buttocks is purely aesthetic and alterations to it are purely cosmetic in nature, the butt serves an important function – it allows each of us to have the proper gait.

An unnatural muscular structure will result in having us walk unnaturally, which can lead to any number of other problems.

Butt Enhancement Injections and Surgery

Butt enhancement injections and surgery are the most common “quick” methods of reshaping the buttocks.

One of the explanations behind this is that the procedures are medically approved and are performed under the care of a qualified physician.

The procedures are divided into three major groups:

Buttocks augmentation – This is a surgical procedure that is designed to increase the size of the butt. If you are familiar with the concept of breast implants, this is a variation on that idea.

Implants can be placed inside the buttocks to give it increased size. An alternative procedure is to use lipo injections to increase the size of specific sections of the butt.

As with liposuction treatments that extract fat from various parts of the body, lipoinjections do the reverse for the butt.

A third augmentation procedure combines surgically rearranging the muscles and using liposculpture techniques to shape the buttocks.

Buttocks reduction – This obviously reduces the size of the buttocks and is done by a lipectomy which reduces fatty deposits and liposculpture to properly shape the contour of the butt.

Ultrasound is another modern techniques used to dissolve larger sections of fatty tissue, and the liquid is then extracted through a suction device.

Contour irregularity treatments – Because of contour or shape of the butt is essential to a proper gait, a combination of buttocks augmentation and buttocks reduction treatments can be combined to create the best looking and natural shape for the patient.

Herbs enhance butt and hipsExamining Alternatives

Though surgical procedures are favored, they can be costly and many medical insurance packages exclude coverage, believing that it is only a cosmetic procedure.

That leaves an considerable expense for those who do not have adequate insurance coverage.

There are alternatives that can be used to achieve similar results, two of the most popular alternatives being creams and pills.

Butt Enhancement Cream

Butt enhancement creams do work and are created to increase the amount of fat on the sections of the butt the cream is applied to.

All natural herbal creams use Omega 3’s and other oils that can make a butt look fuller as well as chemically designed creams are available for use.

Besides the reduced cost, creams have the advantages of being easy to use, are a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures, and have zero recovery time.

Furthermore, creams can be used as often as you need to, do not require a prescription, and have no requirements to make an appointment at a doctor’s office.

If used in combination with a regular exercise program, butt enhancement creams can give you more control over the size and shape of your butt.

Butt Enhancement Pills

Like creams, butt enhancement pills target your buttocks, but also add fat to your hips and thighs.

For some people, this is a more balanced approach to shaping the contour of the body, as a big butt with smaller hips and thighs can result in an uneven gait and simply look unnatural.

By using a mix of Aguaje, Maca Root and other herbs. These pills are able to raise Estrogen resulting in more feminine curves.

Fitness experts and gurus attest to the success of butt enhancement pills when used in combination with a regular exercise regimen.