What Is The Ideal Breast Size?

Ideal Breast Size

Women with naturally large breasts typically want smaller breasts and women with small breasts typically want larger breasts. We just can’t seem to win.

Of course, breast size, shape, and firmness can all vary with a woman’s body type, genetic makeup, and weight.

But what is the ideal breast size?

It’s a biological fact that both men and women have different body types, shapes, and sizes, and therefore, have different preferences in terms of what is considered the “ideal” body type, image, (and, yes, breast size) and what we find attractive and appealing.

Most women are under the impression that men prefer women with larger breasts.

However, studies actually show the complete opposite. Read on to learn more about the ideal breast size.

Is Bigger Always Better?

According to a study performed by researchers at Charles University in Prague, lead by Jan Havlíček, men don’t always prefer large breasts.

The study surveyed over 250 men from four different countries: Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic and Namibia.

Although breast type preferences varied, study findings revealed that the majority of men preferred smaller and medium-sized, perky, and even firmer breasts – as opposed to larger, saggy breasts.

So are the study results shocking?

Maybe to some women, but to others, not so much. A deep look into psychology and biology will prove that men are subconsciously attracted to women who are of healthy fertility age, which means higher levels of estrogen – and the breasts are a sure sign of fertility.

As women age, gravity takes over and the breasts become less firm, saggy, and can even change shape.

This is why men naturally prefer firmer and perkier breasts.

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