Natural beauty is always cherished, respected, and conserved.

Some lucky women are born to have big, sexy, and attractive breasts because of hereditary genes while other women have to do daily exercises and eat healthy food to have ideal breasts in big size.

Foods that you eat every day can impact on your breast size.

Some healthy food can help improve and increase your breast size naturally while junk food can decrease your breast size negatively.

Therefore, you should distinguish healthy food from junk food.

Salt and Fast Food

unhealthy food

Salt can increase the level of fluid retention (liquids) in women’s body, causes annoying and uncomfortable feelings.

The high level of lipid, cholesterol, and fat in fast food is not good for your breast size because this impacts on the production of estrogen level negatively.

You may face with the decrease in breast size if you eat fast food regularly.



Coffee is one of the worst “causes” leading decrease in your breast size seriously. According to study, women can face with the decrease in breast size if they use over 100g caffeine every day.

High level of caffeine in coffee causes negative impact on adipose tissues in body.

Caffeine in coffee can reduce the amount of adipose tissues significantly while adipose tissues are the main composition of breast tissues.

Besides, drinking coffee can suppress the development of breast tissues.

In addition, abusing coffee too much can impact your health negatively.

Coffee does not only cause sleeplessness, cause memory loss, and lose concentration, but it also impacts on your health negatively due to the reduction of body resistance.

Chilli and Spicy Seasonings


Capsaicin, found in spicy seasonings such as onion, ginger, pepper,…, and specially in chilli with high level, is not good for the development of breasts.

According to study, Capsaicin has the ability to release high volume of heat and spread out with wide scope.

As a result, Capsaicin can burn calorie, and other substances like fat acid in body.

Under the negative impact of Capsaicin, your breasts can become smaller in size if you abuse the use of chilli and spicy seasonings.

In addition, eating too much chilli and spicy seasonings can impact on your stomach negatively; worse, it can cause some serious damages such as inflammation, ulcer, and bleeding in stomach.

Alcoholic Beverages


You should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages if you don’t want to face with breast reduction in size. The main element in wine (or liquor) and beer is alcohol.

When you drink these alcoholic beverages too much, your body can lose a large amount of water quickly.

Worse, it can cause the loss of fat acid,  and lipid in breasts. This is one of the most common reasons why your breasts become smaller.

In addition, abusing the use of alcohol, and beer too much can damage your health and thinking.

Carbonated Drinks


Like the alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks are not good for your health and breasts if you drink them too much.

Worse, it can cause breasts cancer if you abuse the use of these carbonated drinks (including alcoholic beverages).

In addition, unnatural (artificial) elements in these beverages are not good for the development of breasts tissues.

Therefore, you should avoid them.

Green Tea


It is obvious that green tea has less caffeine than coffee does. However, when you drink green tea too much, you can encounter the accumulation of high caffeine level in your body.

This leads to sleeplessness and loss of water in body.

Drinking suitable amount of green tea is good for your health, but it will be counterproductive if you abuse the use of green tea too much.

Negative impact of drinking a large amount of green tea is the reduction of fat acid, and water in your body, especially, in your breasts.

The loss of water in your breast tissues leads to breast wrinkles and sagging.

Besides, you should notice the following things if you want to possess big and sexy breasts – 

Stop smoking: Smoking is the main culprit that causes breast wrinkles and sagging. Many harmful substances in cigarettes can also damage your health and health of your breast tissues literally.

Stop staying up late: Staying up late is not good for your health and the development of breast tissue. In addition, staying up late can also cause many latent diseases that are unexpected.

Solution: Try to sleep early; recommendation: it is better to go to bed and sleep before 10:30 PM- 11:00 PM.

Drink more water: In fact, the human body is composed mainly of water (80%) and other liquids (20%). You can easily encounter many unexpected diseases if you drink less water or your body lacks water.

Water helps stimulate the metabolism in body, especially, in your breast tissues.

The first part of your body which will be impacted negatively is your breasts (especially, breast tissues) if your body lacks water.

It is obvious that your breasts contain lots of tissues and liquid that help you have sexy and big size in breasts. It will be a big mistake if you think you can supplement water for your body by drinking alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks.

Drinking these beverages does not only give solution to your problem, but it also can damage health of your breasts or even cause breast cancer.

Eat more fat: Eating less fat can cause your breasts to become smaller. Because fat acid is the main element in your breast tissues, you should supplement fat acid for your body.

Therefore, refraining from eating fat causes the reduction in breast size.

In addition, supplementing fat from vegetable sources such as soybean oil, olive oil and grains for your body is necessary to help you have healthy breasts.

Eat more meat: Collagen fiber is one of the most important elements that maintains the shape and size of breasts.

In addition, collagen fibers, found in fresh meat, play an important role in slowing the process of aging and reducing the damage of skin cells.

To maximize the efficiency of collagen fibers, you should also supplement vitamins from vegetables for your body.

If you want to possess ideal shape of breast size, you should know which healthy food you should eat and which junk food you should avoid.

Learning how to get bigger boobs naturally fast at home is necessary to help you achieve your desires!


  1. Hannah July 18, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    You say “carbonated beverages”, but do you mean that the carbonation itself is bad, or that the sugar, chemicals, and caffeine are bad? Is drinking carbonated water bad too?

  2. Teddy May 5, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    I do everything that says will reduce breast size…but I have big breasts…this is totally false…just think of if as an advise to eat healthy…nothing else


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