Secret to Getting Thicker Thighs

It is all booty all the time, legs and thighs play a huge role in your appearance and will definitely make you look great. But for some of us, getting thicker thighs can be tricky. Lets figure out what your “thigh goals” are and how we can achieve them.

First, why would you want to thicken up your thighs to start with, are your legs thin, or are you looking to add some shape?

It’s important to realize that these two goals are actually totally separate from one another. For example, your thighs may already have decent size but lack shape.

This can make them look a little less juice than they are. In this case I would suggest toning up first before trying to add some more girth to those legs.

Are your legs really thin? Some girls actually, really have thin “chicken legs”, no is that really your issue.

If it is, you need to add some weight!, but don’t run off pounding down cheeseburgers.

We will get really technical with this and try to only add the weight where we want it, butt, thighs and hips..not the tummy.

Self Assessment

OK, so where do you really stand. Most girls make a huge mistake when judging their appearance. We want to be precise, have a clear target and goals.

In order to do this and be super effective, let's first find out what we have to work with. Find a friend and a full body mirror. Ask your friend to stand in front of the mirror and check if their reflection is what you see in person.

The reason for this is because some mirrors, like the ones in most gyms can skew the reflection. Kind of like funny mirrors at a carnival, they can make you look thinner or thicker than you actually are.

If the mirror matches what you see with your own eyes, jump in front and assess yourself. When judging your thighs you don’t want to stand forward, that would be your hips, to get wider hips read this.

You want to check out your side profile and even compare it to your friends.

Do your Thighs need Size or Shapes

Don’t worry, it’s easy to tell what’s the best route for your goals. While in front of the mirror, ask yourself this:

Is there any shape to your thighs?For example, what shape best describes the shape of your legs, a cone or a cylinder? If its a cylinder, is it a thin or thick cylinder.

The Cylinder

Don’t get mad at me, but your legs are shapeless. It doesn’t matter if your thighs are thick or thin, shape should be your first goal, we can add more size to your thighs a little later.

Cone Shape

Ok, your a little ahead of the game. We want to keep those legs in shape and add some size to your thighs with a better diet.

Thin Shapeless Legs

before we get any further, I wanted to add an exception to the rule, maybe a little contradictory to what I said above.

Let’s say your legs are really thin and shapeless. In this case we are going to do a combination of both techniques, gain weight and train.

Adding Size to Your Thighs

Let’s get into the good stuff, getting thicker thighs that will look super sexy! We are going to break this up into 2 parts, diet and exercise. But, unlike most guides you might run into online, let’s cater this to your specific needs.

Basically, if you have thick shapeless legs, your going to want to lean up your diet and increase your training intensity.

Thin Shapeless legs, your going to want to increase your calories by following my diet here and go less intensive with your routine.

If your legs have shape, but you want to get thicker thighs, you’re going to need to add calories as needed to your diet and moderate your routine.

Rules to Getting thicker Thighs

#1 Don’t Do Cardio

Cardio is good for exactly what it sounds like, cardio. It’s not going to help you gain or shape your legs. If you truly want to increase the size of your thighs, you will need to use your gym time more effectively.

#2 Don’t Over Train

So what’s over training? We used to think that working out the same muscle groups more than once a week was over-training, it’s not.

It’s perfectly fine to workout the same muscles more than once in a week. What over-training really is, is when you go over your sets or add more to your routine in the same day.

#3 Eat Right

It’s harder to lose fat than it is to gain it. Make sure you’re eating properly and not overdoing it. Although eating pizza everyday will add size to your thighs, it will also make your belly fat and take away from your overall appearance. Time your carb intake around your routine and eat plenty of healthy fats.

#4 Lift Weights

Don’t worry about getting too muscular. Weight lifting will produce noticeable results quicker than cardio. Lifting burns more fat, tones muscles and adds shape. Lifting weights will also trigger targeted gains. For example, if you squat and time your carb intake, you will notice a difference sooner.

Best Waist Trimmer Period Reviewed

So, what’s the secret to targeting your waist while you’re working out, or just hanging out at home?

I’ll let you guess, it’s made out of neoprene and makes you sweat like crazy. Sweet Sweat, has to be the Best Waist Trimmer!, hands down.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer with Sample of Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer gel

  • Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer increases your core temperature during exercise.
  • It enhances thermogenic activity and sweat.
  • Includes sample of our bestselling Sweet Sweat Gel.
  • Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is contoured to fit around your waist .
  • Made with the Premium latex-free Neoprene for Superior heat insulation.

You know me, I have tried it all and at least 5 different brands. It’s kind of my job, or at least that’s how I convince myself that it’s ok to spend so much money on equipment.

But this thing is guilt free, the price is right and it burns fat from your waistline like butter.

Incase You Don’t Know What a Waist Trimmer is

Lets face it, getting a bigger butt isn’t easy. It’s hard work that takes time and effort, but like I have mentioned before, one of the most effective ways to make your butt look bigger is trimming your waist.

A smaller waist will make your booty pop out and demand attention. To optimism your belly burning efforts why not make use of a waist trimmer belt.

If you have never used or seen a trimmer before, I’ll tell you a little about what they are. The shape is similar to a corset in the way it’s made to wrap around your waist.

Better belts are wider and cover more area. They are also thicker, usually a quarter inch or more in thickness.

The material that’s used is Neoprene, it’s what divers use to maintain body heat. Neoprene is kind of a foam that stretches and forms to your body shape. It’s so effective in trapping body heat, it protects deep sea divers from getting hypothermia.

What Should You Expect?

If you have used other Waist trimmers before, you probably think you know what they are like. You would be wrong, this one is a totally different experience.

The amount of sweat you collect under this best is out of control.

Even the more expensive belts don’t work as well.

This trimmer can be purchased with a kit that includes a sweat accelerator cream that you apply before strapping in. I’ll tell you it’s well worth it. The cream adds more burn and seems to amplify the waist trimming effects.

My usual workout routine can last one to two hours easy. By the time I end my routine and unstrap the belt, it’s like someone popped a water balloon. A waterfall of sweat is released.

Why You Should Use a Waist Trimmer

This Workout Cream is what makes Sweat Sweet the Best Waist Trimmer

The best thing about these belts is that they work almost instantly. Providing benefits from back support to slimming your waist. You know what else, you don’t even have to go to the gym. Wearing it around the house can still be beneficial.

Sweet Sweat Coconut 'Workout Enhancer' Gel

  • Sweet Sweat with Coconut Targets “Slow To Respond” Injured and Problem Areas While Exercising.
  • Promotes an additional increase in Circulation & Sweating during your workout.
  • May help fight muscle fatigue and painful injuries such as shin splints, pulls, and strains.
  • Natural Coconut Aroma will take away the fear of feeling offensive during and after your workout.
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Helps You Diet

The most effective signal your body can give you to stop eating is that bloated feeling. The tension the builds around your belly when you eat too much.

You know what I’m talking about, it’s when your belt feels tighter, or your dress feels like it shrank on you.

Instead of overeating, a trimmer belt can remind you to stop eating by the increasing tension around your waist after every bite. Also because you’re restricting the room around your stomach, you feel full sooner.

Waist Slimming

A good belt will give you results the first day. That’s right, you will see a difference right away.

If you wear the belt for the first time and keep it on for a while, your body will start to mould into the shape. But, don’t get me wrong permanent fat loss takes time. This effect will only last for a short period.

Slimmer Appearance

If you wear your trimmer underneath your everyday clothing, you will appear slimmer and have more curves.

You have seen this before from women that wear corsets. Although the effects are not as drastic, they are also not as uncomfortable.

Support Back and Posture

This is kind of a dual purpose benefit of wearing a waist trimmer. In the gym it can give you the support your back needs to prevent injury.

Out of the gym it can remind you to keep the proper posture, which in turn makes your butt look bigger.

Targeted Fat Burning

I saved the best for last. You want to lose the fat around your belly but keep the fat on your butt and thighs.

Trimmers are great for burning off belly fat without losing your booty fat. You don’t have to diet, workout or do anything that might put the healthy fat to risk. Just wearing the belt will cut the fat around your waist.

I like to apply the burning cream on my belly and back, through the trimmer on and do things around the house.

By the time I’m done and take off the belt, it’s full of sweat. Even if I never broke into a noticeable sweat!

What Makes This The Best Waist Trimmer Belt?

When you’re considering a Waist trimming belt make sure to look out for these three key points. The best belts work by contouring your waistline, increasing your core temperature and making you sweat!

#1 Will it Contour and Move With You?

A stiff belt that doesn’t grip and hold onto your waist won’t be effective. You need to find a waist trimmer that fits snug and flexes with you.

Keeping constant contact with your skin during the workout. If it doesn’t, you won’t sweat as much and your core body temperature won’t rise as much.

I use my belt for everything from running to yoga and have no issues. It moves along with my body. Sticks to my skin through every movement and is snug throughout my session.

#2 Increase Your Core Temperature

Increasing your body temperature during a workout will make you burn fat, sweat and increase the effectiveness of your routine.

This belt is made out of premium Neoprene that’s 100% latex free! That’s important, latex can cause skin irritation and doesn’t let your skin breath.

A good neoprene belt stays in place, stretches and holds in body heat! If you decide to go with any other belt, just make sure they use quality neoprene.

#3 Sweat!

The key to any waist trimmer belt that burns fat. Does it make you sweat! After my routine, I hit the locker and get ready to make a splash, literally.

This belt makes you sweat so much that once you lift the belt, it’s like someone spilled a cup of water on my waist. If you have ever used a belt and haven’t experienced that, it's not your routine, it’s the belt.

Even if I haven’t worked out. An hour of wearing this belt around my waist always ends the same.

Should You Buy a Waist Trimming Belt?

It doesn’t matter if you have never owned one before or have one sitting in your closet. If you have never tried this belt, I encourage you go out and give it a shot.

It doesn’t cost much and works better than any other belt out, even the more expensive belly belts don’t work as well.

Ultimately, you still need to diet and exercise if you want to burn belly fat. But this belt will speed up the process and make you look good as you do it.

Save yourself the expense of buying belts that don’t work or cost to much. This belt is cheap, effective and really the best waist trimmer belt available!

How to Get Rid of Cellulite by Dry Brushing

It’s true that more body fat can increase the appearance, but it’s not the cause. You don’t have to be fat or overweight to get cellulite. Skinny or thin girls are also affected by this condition.

What Exactly is Cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by fat deposits that give the skin a lumpy and dimpled appearance

We all know what cellulite is, but do we you know exactly what it is and what causes it? Most think that the main cause of cellulite is weight gain, but that’s not true.

The causes of cellulite is not really known, but there are a few factors that do influence the amount of visible cellulite.

For example, Diet, slow metabolism, hormone changes and dehydration will make cellulite more noticeable.

Can You Get Rid of Cellulite Without Surgery?

Liposuction is the most commonly known form of cellulite reduction, but do you really need to go to those extremes?

There is no such thing as 100% safe surgery no matter how routine the procedure is. It’s important to try less invasive techniques before resorting to surgery.

You don’t have to have surgery, you can try to get rid of cellulite at home first. There are effective techniques you can do at home to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

One of my favorite and least the expensive is using a dry brush to break apart cellulite.

By massaging the skin with a dry brush you can reduce cellulite, exfoliate the skin and ease stress.

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

You may already know what dry brushing is but do you know all the benefits of dry brushing?

Of course you can use dry brushing to exfoliate dead and dry skin. But did you know, the massaging effects promote a number of health benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Tighten your skin
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Detoxes the lymphatic system by releasing toxins
  • Detoxes skin
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Aids in digestive and even kidney function

The best part is the cost. A Cellulite brushes are sold almost everywhere, but you can usually save a few dollars buying a dry skin brush online.

What Type of Dry Brush Works For Cellulite?

First it’s important to use the right Dry Brush for Cellulite. The usual dry skin brush won’t work well for cellulite.

You don’t want a brush that’s made of bristles, or only bristles. The brush should have bristle that are like tiny fingers.

Regular bristle will not provide enough force to break apart the fat cells.

How To: Dry Brushing Cellulite

Dry brushing is easy and only takes a few minutes to do. You don’t have to do it everyday, but the more often, the sooner you will start to see results.

The most important part is to brush before you shower, not after and always brush toward your heart, not away.

Brushing away will increase pressure in your veins and may cause bruising.

Here are some tips:

  • Brush towards your heart
  • Start with your feet and work up
  • Focus on cellulite areas
  • Move in a clockwise motion
  • Try to include your whole body, increasing overall blood flow
  • Shower after, not before
  • Moisturize after you shower
  • Five to ten minutes is all you need

By dry brushing cellulite, you can really start to see some results right away. But they will be more noticeable after a week.

If your cellulite is really dense it may take more time, but you can definitely reduce its visibility.

5 Rules For Delveloping Sexy Curves

RulesNo girl really wants to get fat,they just want sexy curves and a fuller figure. The problem is, the road to a full figure is full of potholes and some girls get stuck.

They lose motivation, get comfortable, used to overeating and ultimately end up overweight.

Losing focus and giving up is easy, but nothing worthwhile is easy. You need to get back on the road, get your diet on track and stay focused on your goal.

I decided to get a short list of rules together, common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Hope it helps you stay focused and geared up. Summer is right around the corner and you will look your best!

#1 Eat Right

It doesn’t matter if you want a fatter butt or your trying to trim down your waist. This rule never changes, eat towards your goals. A Lot of girls mess up at here and go completely off track.

Finding the right diet is not as obvious as you may think. For example, in some cases, over eating can make you lose weight and under eat can actually lead to weight gain.

Sound crazy right, how about this, eating fatty food may make you lose weight. It’s all about doing your research and sticking to your guns.

I have wrote a few article on this topic, so read up or ask a question, remember I’m here to help.

#2 Cardio Sucks

Girls seem to love cardio and waste so much time on something that produce very little. Don’t get me wrong, Cardio improves stamina, improves circulation, improves general health and does a bunch of other things that you can’t see in the mirror. If that’s what you want, go for it.

But, if you’re trying to slim down your belly and get a nice butt, it’s time to jump off that stair climber. Hit the weight room, make some real and noticeable improvements.

If you want to get a better butt shape, hit the iron. Weight training is really all you need to get more curves, lose inches from your belly and get a bigger booty. Squats, hip thrusts, donkey kicks, etc.. work better with resistance.

#3 Junk Food does not Equal Curves

Get over the biggest lie in weight gain. Junk food, will not get your butt any bigger. Well, not before you get a spare tire, back fat and coat your organs in a thick layer of  visceral fat.

If you really want to get thicker thighs and a fat but, Eat Right!

If you want to see what kinds of foods will get your ass fatter, go to the supermarket and take a stroll down the produce aisle. That’s right, greens, veggies and fruits will do more for getting a full figure that any fast food joint, don’t believe me?

Read the back of any weight gainer, diet pill, butt enhancing supplement, etc,.. What do you see? It’s a list of herbs and plant extracts. I have never seen any supplements that list hamburger extracts.

#4 Under Eating / Over Eating

Avoid both!, Over eating is easy to do, especially if your initial goal is to gain curves. It’s easy to go from eating enough to eating too much. The thing about food is the more your eat, the more you will want to eat.

Keep insulin at check by avoiding foods rich in carbohydrates. By lowering carbohydrates, you can eat more or less without feeling hungry.

Under eating is actually a bigger problem for some girls. If you’re trying to gain some weight, track your calories!

Make sure to hit your calorie goals, just going by how you feel is why you’re so thin in the first place. If you’re worried about getting a fat belly, eat more often.

Your tummy is where the body loves to store “emergency” calories. Eat enough and you will avoid that emergency storage.

#5 Supplements are Your Friend

We have all been burned by diet pills that are supposed to help you melt belly fat, boost appetite or whatever.

The point, yes there are a lot of bogus products out there and companies that prey on uneducated consumers. How do you get around this, well by becoming an educated consumer.

Base your supplement decision on ingredients, reviews and recommendations, Not fancy labels and empty promises. I have a section just on supplement recommendations. So, if your planing to try out a new booty gaining pill, stop there first.

How to Gain Weight for Girls

As a young girl I have never been able to gain weight. Even as a child I was always told to eat more. That I’m just skin and bones, fragile and don’t look healthy.

It was never really anything that I gave much thought to until I hit my teens. When I was 14, I first started to notice all my girlfriends were developing some body shape, while I stayed the same.

That skinny, wiry body stuck, I had the same body shape, just taller, as I did when I was 12.

Other girls would tell me how lucky I was to be so skinny, meanwhile the boys would flock around them and not even notice me. No matter what I ate or how much, weight gain was a real mystery to me.

I would sit down every day and binge on Oreo’s and potatoes, as crazy as that sounds. May be I have a fast metabolism, I thought.

It seemed hopeless and that why I decided to study health and nutrition. Now, I understand what works and what doesn’t. I have a great figure and help other girls do the same, but enough back story, let’s get into this!

Gaining Weight For Girls

Bad Advice From Other Girls:

First, let’s forget everything you have been told about your weight. That means any advice on putting on weight, losing weight and metabolism.

That’s because, although some of that info may be valid, it won’t work for you. Your metabolism and genetic are most likely different from other girls.

Most girls stack on pound very easily and give advice based on doing the opposite of avoiding weight gain.

Here are some examples of advice people give skinny girls that doesn’t help.

Advice to Avoid:

  • Eat more junk food
  • Don’t exercise
  • Eat a lot of bread
  • Eat potatoes
  • Don’t exercise
  • Etc,..

Junk food is bad for your overall health. Avoiding the gym is generally not good advice. A Lot of bread, potatoes and high carb foods all the time is a terrible Idea and damages insulin sensitivity.

This is the type of B.S that prevented my weight gain for years and chances are it’s doing the same for you, nothing.

If you tell the advice giver that you tried those things, they say, you didn’t try enough or you’re lucky to stay skinny. No help.

How To Put on Weight, for Real!:

Great, you tried the rest, now try the best. That’s a generic Pizza slogan if you missed it :). Let’s Go over some points and get you on your way to healthy weight gains.

That means avoiding tummy fat, but expect some, more fat on your buttocks and wider hips.

There are two ways we can do this, the fast way or the slower more controlled way (recommended). I won’t be getting into the fast way here, but stay tuned if you’re interested.

The slow way is my preferred method. If you’re wondering how slow, I would say 3 to 6 months. It’s a small price to pay for a killer body that will stick with you for a ever really.

You’re going to control the amount of tummy fat you gain, may even reduce it a bit. Your butt will become more defined and stick out. You hips will also be more noticeable.

This just a general overview that will give you an idea of what to eat any how to train. We will target areas for fat gain, basically adding more fat to your hips, thighs and booty.

I would recommend sticking to this until you have noticeable change in your body shape.

After that you’re free to make alterations in your routine and shape your self as you see fit. But never get lazy and decide to take the quick route or decide to skip the workout portion.

What To Eat for Girls with Fast Metabolisms

Ok, this part’s going to through you for a loop. Its also the hardest part to stick to, but it’s key to booty building. Avoid all Carbs for at least 4 weeks straight, that means no soda, sugar, bread, potatoes, cookies, etc,.

I would suggest a calorie tracker like “My fitness pal” to keep tabs on this. The goal is to stay under 50gms of Carbs everyday. If you go over 50gms, start over, your back to week one.

You will lose weight, most likely 5 to 10 lbs at first. This is going to be mostly water, so make sure to stay hydrated and drink a litter to a gallon everyday.

Don’t worry, drinking that much water is easier than you think. After one week you should be in what known as “Ketosis”. That means your body has switched from Carbs for energy to burning fat for energy.

Read up on Ketosis, there is a lot to learn and a lot of details that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here’s some quick tips:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Up sodium and potassium through supplements or foods ( Avocados for potassium)
  • Dramatically increase Plant fats in diet. Avocados, coconut  oil, olive oil, Peanuts, etc,..
  • Eat large portions of fatty fish once or twice a week
  • Include some proteins from meat and eggs daily
  • Maintain normal calorie intake, or more
  • FIBER!, get lots of fiber everyday. This means greens and supplements if needed.

Ok, your four weeks in and lost weight and hate me now. It’s ok, this is where the fun starts. Your body is primed for insulin manipulation. Any little spike in blood sugar will cause a surge in insulin and nutrient uptake.

This means that when you reintroduce Carbohydrates your body will start to store water, nutrients, fat and increase protein synthesis.

So these carb loading days will make a huge difference to your weight gain and where your body stores fat. The Carb days will also mean eating near double the normal amount, but you won’t even notice it.

The Carb loading days will only be following a gym session. The days you don’t work out, you don’t eat carbs.

Exercises for Targeted Weight Gain

Here’s the thing, if you don’t train, your body will store fat where it sees fit. Sure, for us girls that means you get a bigger butt, hips,  and thighs, but is also means belly, love handles, back and a few other spots.

That’s not the body shape we want. But if that’s what you desire you can skip this part. If you want a smaller waist, flat belly and a bigger butt, read on.

  • The legs are made up with the biggest muscles on the body. Working out legs butt and thighs will burn more fat and demand more energy from your body. This is great news for us girls. By stressing out legs, butt and thighs our body will need to increase energy storage there and reduce tummy storage.
  • This is an ultra easy routine, it takes about an hour and you only have to work out 3 a week. You should start very light and at the same time as you start the diet. If done right, the first 4 weeks of training should almost feel like nothing was done.
  • Starting from week one, you will add 5 to 10lb of resistance to each workout. Increasing slowly, by the first Carb day, the routine should start to be difficult and require a lot more effort to complete. Basically, start with an empty bar or light dumbbells.

This routine is an “A/B” routine. Do A one Day, than B the next workout day and back to A and so forth. Work out one day, off the next, complete 3 days and take 2 off.

Example would be:

  • Monday: A routine (Carb Load)
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: B routine  (Carb Load)
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: A routine  (Carb Load)
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Off

No cardio!, not because it burns too much fat or calories, no cardio because cardio sucks for any sort of gains. Cardio is good for Cardiovascular conditioning, but so is weight/resistance training.

My opinion on cardio is leave it for the girls that don’t know better, or do it because you enjoy it.

“A” Day:

  • Squats – 1 set of 12, little to no weight, 5 sets x 5 reps with training weight
  • Sumo Squats – 2 sets x 5 reps
  • Lunges – 5 sets x5 reps
  • Dead lifts – 1 set little to no weight, 2 sets x 5 reps with training weight
  • Legs lifts – 3×10
  • Crunches – 3×10

“B” Day:

  • Sumo Squats – 1 set little to no weight, 5×5 with weight
  • Squats – 2×5
  • Lunges – 5×5
  • Good Mornings – 3×10
  • Crunches – 3×10
  • Cable Obliq – 3×5
  • Leg Lifts – 3×5

As you progress and weights get heavier, take longer breaks between sets but no more than 2 minutes.

Note on SquatsThe key to triggering your buttocks is your form. If you don’t feel a burn at your glutes, recheck your form. Always keep you natural back arch, go as low as possible without losing form.

You want to keep your your legs up to your knees stationary. The only moving parts should be you knees and butt as you lower down, almost as if your folding.

Keep the toes in front of your shins/knees stick your butt out while lowering.

Putting it All Together:  Diet and Exercise for Girls Trying To Gain Weight

Great, so you’re on your 5th week, the weights are starting to get heavy and you’re wondering what and how to re-incorporate Carbs.

If you work out first thing in the morning, this should be a little easier. If you train later in the day, you will only have Carbs after your routine.

After your routine eat your usual breakfast, but include health (large)amount of Carbs and fats. You will include Carbs from then until your last meal of the day, keeping your body in storage mode. The following day, an off day, you get back into no Carbs.

Example Carb Day:

  • Breakfast: 2 whole Eggs cooked in coconut oil, Half an Avocado, 2 Slices Whole grain or white bread, Pancakes, Banana, Protein shake
  • Lunch: Chicken thighs, Salad, Oatmeal Cookies, Ice Cream
  • Dinner: Fatty Salmon / Cod or Steak, Salad,  Half Avocado, anything for dessert
  • Snacks: I love Peanuts, but you can snack throughout the day with anything you want, even sweets.

Keep fruits at bay, you can have a fruits with breakfast only. As the day goes on, Carbs should be from simple sugars. Drink a lot of water, your body will start to retain more water and store fat. You will also notice that most of the weight you lost the first couple of weeks is back. This will be the trend ultimately leading to weight gain.

Carb day is your chance to eat anything you want. From pizza to milk shakes, go for it, there is no limit. Because your body will store all the fats you give it at that time, try to keep animal fats low. But don’t limit your calorie intake.

The next day, you should be back to no to low Carbs and you will know it. No matter how much you eat the drop in insulin will make you feel like you’re starving.

That’s a good thing, eat as much as you can and want. Keep it no/low Carb of course, but make sure to get plenty of plant based fats and water.

Sodium and potassium intake should not be a big deal at this point. Carb days should help you get in all those extra nutrients.

You may also notice a flatter and more define tummy after the first week of Carb loading. Great, a smaller waist will also make your butt stick out more.

Alternate Diet Plan:

If you don’t feel right eating so much for those three days an alternate would be Carb loading on weekends only. You would only introduce Carbs over the weekend and go back into ketosis for a full week.

This works better for girls that want to lose more belly fat and gain weight through muscle instead of fat. In both cases the majority of weight gain will be in curves and shape.

Why So Eat So Much Fat?

Fat, cholesterol actually is needed for hormone production. Girls today worry too much about fat in their diet. It’s the absence of fats that actually cause unhealthy weight gain/loss.

If your body doesn’t receive the fat it needs for hormone production you may not gain weight and if you do, it’s not in the usual womanly areas of the body.

By eating fats, your body creates more hormones, which tell your body where to store the excess fat, your butt, hips and thighs.

Another reason fats are so important, especially plant fats, is phytoestrogens. They act like estrogen in a woman’s body increasing saturation and boosting womanly hormones. Plant fats are also know as good fats that keep your cholesterol levels in check.

How to Get a Nice Butt

Want a Nice Butt?

Part 1: Are You Motivated?

Do You Really Want a Nice Butt?

Here’s the deal, I’m not going to hand you a list of exercises you can do three times a week to get a nice butt.

Why?, for one thing it just doesn’t work that way. Another, you’re probably going to read it and discard it anyway. Sure, there is a possibility you might throw some of those moves into your workout routine and give it a shot for a few months.

But honestly, another site that lists a bunch of BS workout routines is the last thing the internet needs.

How many sites did your go through just to come up with the same, Squats, Lunges, etc.. So this is what I’m going to do. Instead of a list of booty shaping workouts, let’s take a more personalized approach.

Here me out, I think this information will probably be worth than anything you can do in the gym.

Best off, I’m sure, if you take my advice and stick to it, you can obtain your body goals or see a huge positive change within 3 months.

I know, you’re probably thinking. “Three months, I want a nice butt this week!”, OK, sure, how many months have gone by while you await your one week result?

Exactly, if you don’t get real about this and put in real work, in real time. You will just keep running around looking for an impossible quick fix.

So when I say three months, you should realize, first, that’s fast, second, this is for real!

I have been doing this for a really long time and have dealt with all kinds of clients.  I have seen the my share of slackers in search of a magic pill.

Wannabes that don’t really want to achieve a great body, they just want to act like they are. And of course those closest candy crunchers, they do a half a*s workout and reward themselves with a a couple of pints of Haagen-Dazs Rocky road.

But That’s Not You!

How do I know? Because you’re still here reading my Rants. Because you didn’t click off and run scared. Your know it’s going to take a little time and a ton of effort, but you’re ready!

Because you know the reward is not a candy bar after a thirty minute routine, it’s an incredible body after a few months or sweat and restraint.

You are Determined!

You’re ready and you should be. You don’t want to hear any more of the same BS. You and me are on the same wavelength right now. Amped as F**K, motivated and about to tear s**t up.  You know

You want a nice butt? WORK FOR IT!

You want to reward yourself? WINNING IS THE REWARD!

You want results fast? PUT IN WORK!
But don’t get gassed. This journey isn’t just about the end result, it’s about being the best at it. Looking over at the other people at the gym and realizing, they don’t have  anything on you. You have what it takes and they don’t, time to transform into you!

Getting a Nice Butt

Part 2: Taking Action

What’s Your Body Like Now?

Where are you at? Sure you want a nice butt, but what’s the state of  butt today, not sure? That’s ok, you are going to look at your body today in a way that you probably haven’t in years. This is going to be a 3 step process that takes about 15-30 minutes and all you will need is some clothing and a mirror.

Step one, you right now: Get up no matter what you got on at the time. If your home wearing your lounge around the house sweats, in a work uniform or barely dressed. Get up and step in front of the mirror. Take a few moments to look at every inch of your body, but not your face, thats right, stop at the neck.

  • Actually, pretend that you’re looking at someone else. Starting with the ankles, are they thick, thin, chunky or sexy.
  • A little higher up, the knees, how do your lower thighs hang above your knees. Is it tight and in place, is there a little sag or is everything in place.
  • Hips and butt, are the they shaped sexy? What would look better, if they were wider, thinner, firm or if they had more jiggle and bounce?
  • Waist, lower back and belly. What would look better to you? A little less fat around the belly and handles or would you like to gain a tiny pot belly?
  • Time to look at the chest, shoulders and back. How do your breast look in whatever you have on. Would you prefer larger breasts or are they fine as they are. Is your back bony or does it have a little too much fluff?

Take mental notes only right now. You should have started to form an idea of what you would like to change and what you like about yourself. This isn’t a throw myself in front of the mirror for some self abuse, I actually want you to focus on the reality without criticism first.

Step two: You’re going to do the same thing, this time striped down to your underwear. Same steps, from the bottom up. Take mental note of what you see and especially what you don’t! What I mean is, compared to this semi nude or nude state, how did your everyday wear affect the appearance and shape of your body and butt?

  • Younger girls make the mistake of wearing too little and dressing way too tight. They they get upset and view their youthful plumpness as fat. Or the opposite, think they appear to thin due to the body strangling spandex.
  • Older women tend to dress out of form and don’t see the appeal of developing a fuller figure woman. Some older woman actually never adjust their style at all and still dress in the manner they did when they were teenagers. Wearing super tight jeans in an attempt to lift their butt into place, squeezing all the fat up to their belly and letting it hang.

So, what do you do? How does your body look as it is. What’s right about the way you dress and what should be changed? Clothing makes a huge difference and you should look good everyday. If your clothing is too tight or baggy and loose, you will never be satisfied with your appearance.

This part’s important, before you go ahead and put your clothing back on, check out your butt. What shape is your butt right now. We are not looking at size and firmness, just shape. You butt shape will determine your booty potential and what you need to do to shape it.

A girls butt can fall into 4 Different shapes:

  • V Shaped Buttocks
  • Heart Shaped Butt
  • Squared Shaped Booty
  • Round Butt Shape

If you’re having any trouble figuring out the shape, ask a friend. Or read my article on different butt shapes. Your butt shape is set by genetics and its a mold that’s very hard to break.

Try to work with what you have identify your booty shape in other girls. Look at girls that you think have a nice butt that also fall under the same body shape. This will give you a very realistic idea of what your goal should be.

If you think your butt is trapped under a bad genetic shape, don’t panic. I said genetics determines your butt shape and it’s hard to change it, not impossible. Do the suggested routines From that article, formulate the right diet and shoot for it.

Step three: Ok, last part of this exercise, put on whatever piece of clothing you have that makes your butt look great. If you don’t own that item yet, get it. It doesn’t matter if your can’t fit into it or fill it out. We have determined a starting point, it’s time for a goal. Get in front of that mirror one last time and try to put that on.

Should your lose weight or gain weight, we all have a different body and different goals, what are yours? Put that pair of jeans on or do your best to get into that dress. Whatever it is, try it on. If you can’t fit into it that’s fine, do the best you can. Now look at yourself in the mirror and go through the same practice, starting from your ankles and work up.

What’s preventing you from wearing it. If fats in the way, it should be obvious what needs work, your thighs, butt, belly, etc,.. If you have it on but haven’t filled it in, the same applies. What needs to be filled, it might not just be that you need a bigger butt, maybe your thighs should take some of that space.

Now, you can look past the neck and look at yourself and realize, that this is probably the last time you will see yourself this way. The next time you try this on, it’s going to fit and it’s going to look great!

Exercises and Diet Plan for a Nice Butt

Ok, I’m not going to get to deep into this. I have posted a few different article on butt routines, what you should do and how to do buttocks workouts, What I will say is, keep it simple.

  • If you want to firm up a sagging buttocks, lift moderately at least four times a week.
  • If you’re trying to lose butt fat, lift moderate 4x a week and do cardio 1 to 2x a week in addition.
  • Want a Bigger Butt and thighs? Lift heavier 3x a week and eat foods for a bigger butt and Little to no cardio.

That’s it on that, read up on previous articles.

It’s going to be the same with diet. As long as you’re honest with yourself and know if weight gain or loss is needed, the rules are the same. Cut carbs or calories to lose weight. Eat more calories to gain, while timing your carbs. I’m not jenny craig, so don’t expect that phoney BS about eating like a rabbit. it’s programs like that get you nowhere fast and expect a lot in return. My diet rules are very simple and easy to follow.

  • Need to lose fat? Don’t eat carbs, period, that’s soda, sugar fruits, etc.. You diet should be High fiber, fatty proteins and a lot of greens
  • Want to gain weight? Every meal should have a small portion of lean meat along with slow high carb foods, potatoes, oats, rice, etc..
  • Bigger butt and thighs while slimming out the waist? Have a big meal of Meat and potatoes after a great workout. No carbs after that meal and zero carbs on off days.
  • No matter what you chose always include a lot of plant based fats, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Natural peanut butter. Also a great peace of fatty fish once or twice a week.

A diet is just that simple for a girl. A diet that high in fiber, high in plant / fish fats and carbs only according to goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anti-carber, I love carbs. That’s the only way we can control insulin naturally to develop the body we want. Getting insulin in check and under control is the key to gaining weight, losing weight and even getting more fat on your butt and hips, without getting belly fat.

How to Get a Big Ass

So, let’s step away from my normal, “eat, exercise, eat”, Advise and just go for the gusto. Getting a big ass, fast, easy and without really working for it.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to give you that eat cheeseburgers all day B.S, that’s still bad advice.

Sure you might be able to get a little more jiggle when you walk by eating like a hog, but the jiggle will be from your belly, waist and sagging cheeks. That doesn’t sound too appealing does it.

Eating trashy foods will take a toll on your energy levels, make your skin greasy, damages your hormone levels and actually change your body odor.

What I will do is tell you what supplements works and what you should eat to get a big ass without getting a clogged arteries.

If you’re really thin and have trouble gaining weight because you can’t eat enough, have a super fast metabolism or are just scared of getting belly fat.

Don’t worry, these supplement work for girls with fast metabolisms and small appetites. Remember overeating and junk food for a prolonged period is what makes you fat, not eating right.

First, The Supplements!

I’m going to give you two great supplements that any girl can use to get a bigger bottom. But first, understand, you don’t need to take both, it all depends on your goals and where your body is now.

For the maximum effect, you can take both. But, keep an eye out for adverse reactions. Its really unlikely, but still possible. If you decide to add both to your supplement regime start with one for a few days, then add the other.

The first is a weight gainer for girls that are too skinny, cant gain weight, have a fast metabolism or low appetite. The second supplement is for hormone balance. This is for girls with no body shape, gain weight in all the work places or need to enhance their curves.

Weight Gainer For Girls with a Fast Metabolism

This is strong medication and the pill I had in mind when I mentioned the precaution above. I’m sure you have already seen an ad for this stuff here or even on TV. It works and most girls see results within the first month or so.

CB-1 really is one of the most potent weight gainers out that a girl can take. Although it’s been getting a lot of attention lately, CB1 has been around for quite some time.

The first time I have ever heard of it was a couple of years ago. I was working with a client recovering from an auto accident that had left her bedridden and immobile for a couple of months.

With no physical activity and no appetite she had started to wither away do to atrophy.

CB-1 increased her appetite dramatically and every thing she ate sticked, it was as if the food was literally injected under her skin.

I know, that sounds weird, sorry, but that what it seemed like. I should also mention, she was using their shakes in addition to her usual diet.

This stuff is clinically strong, your appetite explodes, your metabolism slows down and your ass gets bigger. Or it should, as long as your hormones levels are balanced, which brings us to the next supplement in this stack.

More Estrogen, Means More Butt

There are a lot of great hormonal support supplements out there for woman. One of my favorite is Maca, it’s cheap easy to add to your supplement regime, safe and effective.

I use a form of Maca extracts every few months. I cycle on for a couple of months, than when my pills or powder runs out, i stop for a few months.

I have been using Maca that way for a very long time, and my booty looks great.

Maca Extracts in pill form are probably the best way to get started. Pills are quick, easy and potent. You’re able to get the effective dose of Maca, about 1600 mg in one capsule, so it’s super convenient.

After a while and if you make yourself protein shakes on the daily, try adding Maca Powder to your protein shake.

These guys make some powerful organic Macca pills, Get them here from Amazon. Although they cost a little more, its a blend of different Maccas and 180, 500mg pills per. So the price is worth it.

If you have tried Maca before but haven’t had much success, try this brand or look into Aguaje Powder. The only thing I don’t like about Aguaje is that it’s very difficult to get a good potent source outside south America. Try this link for Aguaje powder, it’s where I get my powder from.

Getting a Big Ass Plan

Like I said, this is how to get a bigger butt without hitting the gym. So no exercise routine is needed. It’s just food, supplements and tracking your gains. Start by looking at yourself in the mirror.

If you want snap a pick for future comparison. I’m not into jumping on the scale for a couple of reasons.

First, unless you’re really trying to gain a massive amount of weight fast, over 15lb, the scales going to be inaccurate. Body weight fluctuates 5lb to 10lb all the time.

It depends on what time of day it is, how much food you recently ate and water retention. It’s not a bad idea to get a starting weight, but don’t live by the scale. Live by the mirror and complements.

Second, your weight will shift. What I mean, you may lose some belly fat, while gaining some on your hips, thighs, but and even breasts.

Maca, Aguaje and especially Bovine Ovary extracts are known to increase estrogen, increase fat storage where you want it and lean out belly fat. To me that’s the ultimate goal, smaller waist and bigger curves.

The Meal Plan

I’m not going to get to in depth with what to eat. I have already covered a meal plan and diet routine in a few other articles. Plus, this article is already long enough. What I will tell you is eat right and more of it.

Eat foods high in good fats like fish, nuts and other plant based oils. I love coconut butter, it makes everything taste better. bypass regular butter and margarine, use coconut butter for everything you cook.

For raw foods use olive oil, pour some of it on your salads or even add a tablespoon to your protein shakes.

Inner Thigh Workouts

On our quest for a great butt and flat belly, we tend to ignore other parts of our body. Most lower body workouts do a great job of targeting multiple muscles and groups, for example squats.

The bad part is that even with all the muscle groups squats target, they barely trigger the inner thighs.

This means that if your routine doesn’t include at least a few moments dedicated to the inner thigh muscles, they will almost be ignored.

Got it, want to go straight to the Inner Thigh Workouts Video Click Here

Why Should You Work out the Inner Thigh?

Maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal or that the inner thighs don’t really need the attention. Well, here’s the problem, toning these muscles (adductor’s) isn’t only about getting a thigh gap.

The Adductor muscles help add shape your legs, support the growth of other muscles like your booty and increase core strength.

So, if you think you have hit a training and growth plateau, it may be time to focus on those Adductor’s. Stronger Adductor’s can get your squats ups, add a few more crunches to your set and just boost overall performance.

As far as your figure is concerned, these muscles give shape to your legs. Toned thighs look tighter and give the legs form. Along with a bigger hips and a nice rump, this can make your legs look plump and full. If you already have a muscular butt and hips, your legs will take on what’s know as ballerina legs.

Inner thigh Muscles Anatomy

Meet the inner thigh, a group of muscles commonly known as the Adductors. Let’s take a second to look at the two major muscles.

  • Gracilis – This is a long flat muscle that stretches from the top inner thigh all the way down to the knee.
  • Sartorius – This is also a long flatter muscle, but unlike the Gracilis, this one runs up the front.
  • Adductor Magnus – A larger triangular shaped muscle that makes a three point connection to the thigh. The Brevis and Longus are part of this Adductor group.

Inner Thight Muscles

The other muscle also play a role, but smaller and considered to be stabilizers.

When doing Adductor style exercises, all these muscles are targeted. Adducting to the front will trigger more of the Sartorius, adducting to the rear will target more Gracilis.

Tip: When doing knee raises, have you have ever notice more of the burn on the Sartorius muscles instead of the abs? Is so, try putting your heels together, toes slightly apart and bend the knees. Your legs will naturally open up a little in this position. Just making this adjustment will take your inner thigh muscles out of the picture. Inturn, you abs will take all the slack.

Targeting and Shaping the Inner Thighs

Ok, great, so right now you’re wondering what to do with this info or how can it possibly help you, right? Although the details may seem useless, they are far from it.

Just jumping on the Adductor machine and popping out a few set without knowing how they affect you is useless.

Next time you try to work out your adductor’s, put your focus on the targeted muscles, instead of just squeezing away. Plugging through your routine will never give results.

The secret to gains is developing that mind muscle connection. Feel the fibers contract and mentally zone into that area with every rep.

If you’re ready we can get started with a great 10 minute workout routine that doesn’t require any equipment and you can do at home.

Inner Thigh Workouts at Home

This is a great workout routine with some exercises to slim inner thighs. I say slim down because this is a high intensity, high rep routine.

This short workout can help you get rid of some of the inner thigh fat as well as tone the muscles. Check out this full 10 minute workout video for targeting the inner thighs here…

Always stretch before and after any routine. I noticed that in this video they go straight to the routine. That doesn’t mean you should, pace yourself and do what’s right for you.

Any discomfort may be a warning sign, stop and check your form. If pain continues, stop and try again later if possible.

Also, by pain and discomfort, I don’t mean muscle burn or tiredness, I mean, joint pain, clicking or anything else.The burn is your friend!

The Routine

  • Inner thigh W’s – It’s a small movement that will get your muscles warmed up and ready to go. Remember to keep your leg elevated and engaged.
  • Ski Squats to inner thigh lifts – This is a killer, remember to rotate the the kick to the inner thigh, this is the part that tones and targets.
  • Scissor Kicks – A great way to get the entire core involved. Your abdominals should be involved and tight throughout. By spreading slowly and fully you can get a better stretch.
  • Thigh Squeezes – In this video a training physio ball is used. You can use anything, but an Exercise ball is recommended. If you don’t have a stability ball, you can use a rolled up towel.

Note: A Stability Ball is a worthwhile investment for any girl that works out at home. Not only is it the most versatile workout tool, you can manage to get an entire workout don with just this one item if you wanted.

Prices can range from $9 to $40, the cheaper version is a waste of money and $40 for a physio ball seems to be a little much. I have had my physio ball for about 3 years now and it cost me about $25. If your interested, its the Black Mountain Stability Ball with Pump, available at Amazon.

  • Squat Jacks – I love these and after a set you will know why. Squat jacks burn the inner and outer thighs. Add this to your routine and see results within a few weeks. Using a resistance band will increase intensity.
  • Plank Rotation Kicks – Getting the entire core involved. This variation of planks is a great way to get to your belly fat as well love handles.
  • Inner Leg Lifts – We should all be familiar with this exercise. Just pay attention to form.
  • Lateral Hops – Single leg hops are not for everyone. If you have knee problems you can skip this one.

That’s it, you’re done. If you managed to make it through the entire routine keep going. Once you get the routine memorized, you will be able to condense it into about 5 minutes. this makes it easy to add as a secondary workout.

You can do it in the morning if you hit the gym later or before you get in the shower at the end of the day.

Inner Thigh Workouts with Weights

For the girls that are more advanced or would rather use weights for resistance, here is a couple of tips.

  • Sumo Squats – with dumbbell or a barbell will do a great job of targeting the major leg muscles, while putting a little more focus on the inner thighs.
  • Side Lunges – Can also be done with a barbell or dumbbells. You will get the entire leg involved with more focus on the inner and outer thighs.

Although there is literally hundreds of exercises and variations that exist, keep it simple. You will see people in the gym doing outrageous things like standing on a stability ball while doing a squat / military press hybrid, don’t fall for it.

Not only do they make no sense, those tactics are dangerous and can lead to injury.

When using weights keep the movements simple and concentrated. If you’re using body weight, for a higher rep routine, always warm up first, jerky motions pull muscles.

How to Do Squats For a Smaller Butt

So you want to tone or shape your buttocks with squats. The routine will be about the same for a smaller butt as it is for toning, the real difference is diet.

So we will go over a basic squat routine you can do 3 days a week every other day. Along with this diet you will also slim down your waist.

For a Smaller Butt, Higher Reps with less Weight

Instead of trying to grow more muscle and store more butt fat, this routine will focus on the opposite. Burning booty fat and defining glute muscles at the same time.

We always start with a bodyweight warm up of 5 – 15 reps before moving on.

Try to go for either 5×8 or 3×12, not including a warm up set or warm up sets. Choose a peak weight goal you know you can do.

Once comfortable with routine, you can add more weight. For this example lets make our peak goal of 65lb on the bar.

  • 1 or 2 sets bodyweight warm up
  • 1 set bar only (45lb)
  • 1 set with added 2×2.5lb plates (50lb)
  • 1 set additional 2×2.5lb plates (55lb)
  • 1 set additional 2×2.5lb plates (60lb)
  • 1 set additional 2×2.5lb plates (65lb) Goal Weight
  • 2 sets cool down 1 with bar, 1 body weight

The weight is just an example, for most girls this may be a lot. You can go from body weight to bar to 2.5lb plates as goal, or just body weight to get started.

If you accomplish the routine for 2 days, you can increase goal by 5 to 10lb. If you finish the set and still feel as if you haven’t done much, round it off with similar routine of lunges.

Coconut Butter for bigger hipsIntra Workout

You should have water or a calorie / carb free drink. You want your body to be completely depleted of glycogen and use fat stores for energy.

Anything that would spike insulin will stop the fat burning process. The Idea drink would be water or something to provide a little energy while promoting fat burning.

Ok, so sometimes water doesn’t cut it, or you need something in addition to water to complete your routine. Here’s what I do.

My Fat Burning Energy Drink Recipe:

  • Cup or 2 of hot coffee
  • Tablespoon heavy cream
  • Spoon of coconut butter
  • NO sugar!

It doesn’t sound too appealing but I like the taste. The caffeine and heavy cream gives you energy from fat and the coconut butter makes your body produce ketone’s.

This and a workout is a fat burning dream come true! You can use Iced Coffee with cream, but without the coconut butter because it will solidify.

Post Workout Meal

This time any old whey powder won’t do. We want to keep the fat burning machine going and in order to do this we can’t have any carbs.

Keeping insulin at bay will make your body continue to burn fat as well as increase growth hormones. I like IsoPure, its top notch protein with Zero carbs that tastes great. Once again, half a scoop to one scoop is all you need.

The meal should be geared towards your goals, high fiber, good fats and some protein with NO carbs! I love Breakfast and eat it for lunch as well. So an example of a good fat burning post workout meal that burns fat but still tones your butt is:

  • Two eggs fried in coconut butter
  • A few strips of Bacon or Turkey Bacon
  • Half an Avocado
  • Huge salad with oil and vinegar

I’m getting hungry thinking about it. This tastes great, get you full and doesn’t seem like a diet meal at all. You can have a small portion of carbs for dinner or skip carbs completely.

Best Headbands For Workout

Let’s face it, we all love headbands. They keep your hair out of your face, make a statement and look cool. I have been through more than just a handful of bands myself and found out that some are not as good as others.

Like most of you the biggest problem I have is that most headbands don’t stay in place. If I working out, running or in the middle of yoga my some head bands tend to fall out of place.

Out of my hundreds of bands there are only a few that really make the cut. The reason I choose these few as my favorite is because they are comfortable, look good, don’t slip off and lasted me a long time.

All these bands cost about the same price. Its a range of $9 to $15 bucks and well worth it. A lot of cheaper bands just don’t cut it, while some of the more expensive headband just aren’t worth the price.

Workout headbands that stay in placeBest HeadBand for Working Out

Bondi Bands are my absolute favorite headbands for working out in the gym or around the house.

Since I first discovered Bondi Bands I have managed to collect at least ten. I have a couple of different colors as well as a backup red. These are without a doubt the best headbands for running, working out and even yoga.

I even wore my Bondi Band during Vinyasa yoga sessions. If you’re not

BLOM Headband keep my hair out of my face

sure what Vinyasa yoga is, it’s kind of like doing regular yoga is a suana. I sweat like crazy and never have to worry about this head band staying put.

Best HeadBand for Running

BLOM is another favorite. I would say I like them more than Bondi, but Bondi seems to be my favorite go to. BLOM on the other hand is also great. Their bands look a little better and have more style to them.

I have never had an issue with them running. They are true “no slip” headbands. They stay right where you put them. I love a good wide headband and this is it.

Since I have a weird shaped head, I sometimes have trouble with bands. This one works well and hugs my big head. It’s also wide enough to hold your hair all the way back and keep it off your face.

This is also the most comfortable headband I own. Pick it up at Amazon for about $15 is all styles.

Hippie Runner HeadBand look greatBest Looking HeadBands

Hippie Runner headbands are the coolest looking bands out. They come in millions of styles and prints.

Are quality made and last for ever. You can really find a headband that match what ever your wearing.

They make everything from tie dye prints to super hero logos. They are large enough to hold your hair back and these headbands stay in place for casual activity.

These headbands stay cool during running and don’t really move around much. But I tried a couple in the gym and for some reason they don’t hold as well as the others do. For everyday use they are the best headbands out.

What is your Favorite Band, let me know. I’m always looking for better workout gear. Chime in!