If you have spent months in the gym training and doing squats, leg presses, and lunges to grow your butt without seeing any results, then it’s time to try a new approach – starting with your diet.

You can spend all the time you want in the gym, but if you aren’t eating the right foods, then you butt likely won’t grow.

However, by eating more of the right foods, we don’t mean overeating. The goal is to help you grow a nice, firm, toned butt.

Eating foods that are high in saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium will only make you gain weight and expand your waistline.

Read on to learn more about the top 7 foods you should be eating on a regular basis to help grow your butt.

To start, take a good, hard look at your current diet. Get rid of unhealthy foods and revamp your diet to include foods that are high in protein, healthy fats, and fiber to help grow your butt.

Here are the top 7 foods that you should incorporate into your diet:

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If you are trying to count calories, then you probably won’t like to eat a handful of nuts as a snack.

However, this doesn’t mean that nuts are unhealthy.

Because nuts, such as cashews, almonds, peanuts, and so on are an excellent source of protein they are often higher in calories.

And you can’t build muscle without a healthy source of protein and a filling snack.

Yes, nuts are salty, and although it’s important to stay away from salty foods, however, nuts do not contain any added sodium or preservatives.

Mixed nuts also proven to boost productivity and energy levels to help get you through your day, and give you the energy and fuel you need to power through your butt-building workout.

Whole Wheat and Healthy Carbs

If you are trying to fuel your body with energy while also trying to cut carbs, then you will likely find this challenging.

A healthy dose of carbohydrates is crucial to providing the body with energy and fuel, and cutting carbs to a minimum will also help shrink your waistline.

For the best of both worlds try swapping out white bread for wheat.

Wheat products are high in fiber and whole grains. For maximum weight loss results, try to only consume one serving of carbs per day.

For example, if you plan on having a sandwich for lunch, then try making it on a wheat wrap or toast.

If you are planning on having a side of potatoes or rice with dinner, then have a salad for lunch instead. All in all, the goal is to try and choose ONE meal per day to have a serving of carbs.

Sweet Potatoes

As mentioned above, sweet potatoes fall into the carb category. However, sweet potatoes contain less carbohydrates than other types of potatoes, such as white or brown potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are not only delicious, they are also a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and potassium for your body to build a bigger and better butt.

Referring to the second point above, if you plan on having potatoes as a side at dinner, then try to have sweet potatoes rather than regular white potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are a healthier carb than white potatoes.


Tuna is another food that is an excellent source of protein and is a staple in every butt-builder’s diet. Not only is tuna extremely affordable and convenient, it can be incorporated easily into various recipes.

It can be mixed with eggs, vegetables, and even used as a sandwich spread. Mix tuna with avocado as a substitute to mayonnaise when making egg salad.

Tuna is also a great snack and can be incorporated in almost any meal.


Avocado is a fruit, but it is also a source of healthy fats. It is loaded with potassium and fiber, making it a great addition to any healthy diet.

Although it is a source of (good) fat, avocado should still be consumed in moderation.

Avocado is a great substitute for mayonnaise in many recipes and can be mixed with eggs and even used as a sandwich spread or added in a salad as a substitute for salad dressing.


Eggs are another source of protein, and can be an alternative option for people who dislike hamburgers or other types of meat or lean beef.

Hard boiled eggs are a popular breakfast choice; they are a great addition to a salad, they make a great snack, and they take minutes to cook.

However, eggs are also high in cholesterol, so be sure to consume them in moderation


Quinoa is becoming an incredibly popular food. Quinoa is a grain-like food produced by plants. Quinoa is very high in protein and contains a wealth of essential amino acids, which is incredibly important for anyone who want to grow their butt.

Amino acids are also great for building and toning muscle.Quinoa can be cooked and added to salads, stir fry meals, and even in burritos or wraps.

Quinoa is delicious and filling, but is also relatively light and will not leave you with that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

The Power of Protein

Again, if you don’t have time to cook or prepare meals in advance, one of the best things you can put in your body if you are out of options is protein.

In fact, studies have shown that approximately 1.2 grams to 1.6 grams of protein (depending on the individual’s body weight) can help:

  • Build and maintain lean muscle
  • Boost muscle health
  • Increase muscle memory
  • Reduce muscle aging and bone loss (such as osteoporosis)

Visit this site here to read more about the science and studies behind the power of protein and a healthy diet to get a bigger butt.

A Recipe Guide to a Better Diet for Your Butt

As mentioned above, if going to the gym and regular training isn’t giving you the results you are looking for, then it may be time to readjust your diet or start a new diet that includes better food choices.

But not only is important to make better food choices, it’s important to choose the right foods.

You don’t want to overeat but you don’t want to starve yourself either. Neither will help you grow the beautiful butt you’ve always wanted.

Spice Up a Salad.

One of the easiest recipes to incorporate all these foods in is a salad.

Before you think having a salad every day is boring or is “rabbit food”, there are numerous options available when it comes to making a salad that can leave you looking forward to your lunch every day.

For example, cooked quinoa, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, tuna and even sweet potato chunks can all be added to a salad.

These sources of fiber and protein combined with a healthy dose of vegetables make this salad one of the best things you can eat.

Stir it Up.

Additionally, these foods are also great to use in a stir fry meal. Quinoa can be mixed with lean beef, white chicken or turkey or fish and stir fried to perfection.

Then, put everything into a wheat wrap or serve over brown rice.

You can also get creative and add various vegetables, such as mushrooms, peppers, and/ or broccoli.

One of the best things about stir fry meals is that the possibilities are truly endless.

Sizzling Substitutions.

Stir fry meals are a healthy option and take little to no time to make, however, be sure to avoid cooking in butter or salt. Try using vegetable oil, olive oil or sea salt as healthier alternatives to making your stir fry meal.

Although preparing meals that incorporate these foods is relatively easy, there are those days when you just don’t have time to make a meal.

Rather than resort to fast food or other high sugary or salty foods and snacks, be sure to grab a snack that is high in fiber, whole grains or veggies, or grab a salad at a nearby market for lunch.

Once you get accustomed to make healthier choices, you will begin to crave them rather than junk food.

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