5 Simple Foods For Natural Booty Growth

We all know that genetic play a crucial role in body shape. But what is it in genetic that makes some girls have a bigger booty than others, what’s the genetic factor?

Its simple, hormones, some girls genetically have a higher level of estrogen than others.

So, how can we use this information to our advantage? Why not increase your female hormones naturally by eating better. It no secret that some foods can raise your body’s hormone production.

While other food like processed food can send your estrogen levels crashing down. Now there are other factors also like sleeping habits and general health.

But for now lets look at 5 things you can add to your diet that will boost estrogen and help your butt grow!

Oat help butt grow bigger#1: Oats

I have mentioned before how oats can help your body get more curves by maintaining a balanced level of insulin, your body will start to store fat.

Being a female and with a decent workout plan, the fat should get stored on your hips and thighs.

What I didn’t mention before is how eating oats can help raise estrogen.

Thats right, oats are full of essential minerals needed for natural hormone production. Magnesium, vitamin E and Zinc are just a few of the beneficial minerals in oats.

Not to mention the protein and fat you can get in one bowl. Also, adding a bowl of oats to your breakfast is a great way get those extra calories.

BuckWheat Alternative Whea#2: BuckWheat

Ordinary Wheat is full of gluten and is know to be an allergen for a large part of the global population.

If you’re trying to go gluten free Buckwheat may be a great alternative. Not only for wheat but other foods like porridge or rice.

Buckwheat is high in fiber, fat and packs more protein than most grains. Just like oats, buckwheat can level insulin, encourage muscle growth as well as fat storage.

Also, just like oats it’s also high in estrogen promoting minerals.

What makes Buckwheat a unique choice is its rich rutin content. Rutin is great for veins and blood vessels.

Including Buckwheat can help prevent or even treat spider veins as well as varicose veins. Its not necessarily a cure, but can reduce the risk of view problems.

Soy Beans Photoestrogens#3: Soy Beans

Just like the Aguaje Fruit, soy is also high in Phytoestrogens. Increasing the amount of Phytoestrogens you eat can have a huge benefit to women’s health.

This can help women going through menopause, trying to increase fertility and well as grow some curves.

Soy itself has been proven increase bone density, lower cholesterol and level hormones for women as they age.

Research has also shown that soy protein increases metabolism and can put a limit on fat storage.

So keep that in mind depending on your current body type.

You can add a cup of soy milk or just eat a palm full of soy nuts a day to get health benefits.

Whey Protein For Butt Gains#4: Whey Isolate Protein

I love Whey Isolate and if you’re a gym rat like me, you probably do too. Whey isolate is the most bio available form of protein.

That’s why it is always included in my post workout shake. It increases insulin sensitivity, helps muscles recover and raises serotonin which keeps stress hormones at bay.

What does that mean to you? In simple terms, drinking a protein shake after a great booty workout can help you get a perky round butt.

BlueBerries boost insulin#5: Bootieful Berries

You can never get enough fresh berries into your daily diet. Berries are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

They protect us from all sorts of cellular damage, keep eyes health and the list goes on and on. Berries are super foods and I can’t say enough about them.

Here’s a tip for a bigger bum, add some barriers to your protein shake. The sugar (fructose) in a handful of blueberries will spike insulin.

This will put your metabolism into storage mode. That plus a good whey protein and some added essential oils (olive oil, flax oil) will make a great tasty shake.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many great foods you can add to your diet.

Its not about loading up on fats and junk food. Make your butt grow bigger while maintaining a healthy diet is essential.

Your new booty will be perkier, rounder and your overall appearance will be better with a healthy diet plan.

Junk foods will only damage your natural hormone production. It can make your butt fatter in the short term, but flabby later on.

Exercise and a great meal plan is like a lift for a saggy behind!