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I am a husband, a father, and a full time blogger.

…And I want you to be healthy.

meIt has been tough, especially the last couple years.

Throughout my life, my family has dealt with hardships in health. Diseases, conditions, the worst of the worst. I’ve seen into the eyes of Alzheimers (my Dad), I’ve witnessed bad health habits snowball into pancreatic cancer (my older brother) and a heart attack (my Mom), and I’ve felt the struggles of hypertension myself.

Because of all these things, fitness and health have taken a special place in my life. Health means more to me than a means to extend my own life. Health means success.

Instead of letting the illness of loved ones tear me apart, I use it to fuel my mission: to educate people on good habits. I want to share what I know with others so that they can live happy, long lives. I don’t want anyone else to experience what I did because of bad health.


GBP Media Chris Guill

Chris Guill From GBP Media

Fitness To Go started small, in the second half of 2015. Initially, it was just me, making small contributions. Soon, I was joined by a team of freelancers, who were specialists in the field of health, fitness and outdoor sports. The blog literally grew many folds.

In the month of February 2016, Fitness To Go was acquired by GBP Media LLC. GBP Media is owned and managed by Chris Guill. Chris is a fitness enthusiast himself and is part of the billion dollar supplements industry.

I am still very much a part of this startup. Currently serving as a managing editor, my job is to ensure accurate research, timely publication and quality check.


Fitness To Go was created with one purpose in mind; to educate the mass to live healthy and fit, to foster good dietary habits, to inculcate an exercise regimen, to think positive and have a positive effect on the people around.

It is our goal to publish one good authoritative guide every week, and I am happy to say, in the last 9 months of our existence, we have managed to achieve this schedule successfully.


Our plan for the rest of 2016 and beyond is to continue doing what we do best; create awareness through education. Additionally, we plan to sponsor clinical trials in various segments of the healthcare sector, and also introduce our own line of FDA compliant products, under the brand Fitness To Go.

We thank you for your patronage and hope to see you continue as a reader and a member of our growing community.

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